Wednesday, April 20, 2016

If Hillary Clinton Were A Man

Some questions to ponder: 
Would the Democratic Party be pushing a candidate with a 52% unfavorable rating...if that candidate were a man over a male candidate with a favorable rating of 51%? 
Does the Democratic Party assume that Independents - who were blocked from voting in the closed NY primary - will automatically vote for Hillary if she's the nominee? Some will, some will vote for Trump and some will just stay home. 

A lesson I learned early in life: Never Assume

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Contrarian Bitch/ing: STOP ASKING If Bernie People Will Vote For Hillary If She's The Nominee

Contrarian Bitch/ing: STOP ASKING If Bernie People Will Vote For Hillary If She's The Nominee

What an insulting question. Read why.

STOP ASKING If Bernie People Will Vote For Hillary If She's The Nominee

The anguished comments and wringing of hands by people who cannot imagine that if Hillary is the nominee - which she won't be - we, Bernie people, won't vote for her because we are selfish assholes who would rather watch this country go to hell in a handbasket than vote for her. They are sure Armageddon is just around the corner come November.

Frankly, this is the most insensitive, ridiculous question to ask of people who are giving their hearts and souls and money and time to a candidate they fully support and believe in and will work for til the last stolen vote is counted. It's downright insulting. Hark, the self-righteous 'tone' (new buzzword) of the Hillary camp in demanding a 'yes' as the only acceptable answer.

I don't blame Susan Sarandon for giving an oblique and questionable answer to Chris Hayes when he stared her down to ask her if she would vote for Hillary in the general if she were the nominee. And Chris Hayes was incredulous when Susan Sarandon's answer wasn't a direct 'yes'. Why should anyone capitulate at this point? The campaigns are still going full blast with Bernie on Hillary's desperate, scampering heels. This thing is far from over.

You know what this question is like? It's like you knowing your friend's significant other has cancer and is about to die and you ask, "So, have you thought about who you're going to date after the funeral?" Fuck those people. I'm voting for Bernie. Period.

And, in conclusion, there is no foregone conclusion. Voting is personal and no, I don't want a President Trump.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Mr. Obama, Have You No Sense Of Decency, Sir?

My blood is boiling. And yours should be, too. This New York Times article just reported that Obama, at a $33,400 ticket fundraiser in Texas for the DNC, told donors that it was time to back Hillary.  President Obama may just have lost the election for Hillary by putting Bernie on the back burner and dissing the whole democratic process. Bernie's legions will not take kindly to this.

"But while he stressed that he was not endorsing either candidate, and that both would make good presidents, Mr. Obama went on to lavish praise on Mrs. Clinton, describing her as smart, tough and experienced, and said that she would continue the work of his administration." 

Guess what? I don't want the next President to continue the work of his administration. I'm not going to list why - I've written plenty about 'why' - but we need fresh thinking and someone with the courage to take on the 'Establishment'. Enough with the status quo.

But the worst part of this is Obama's behind-closed-doors, sneaky 'endorsement' of Hillary. Remember when Mitt Romney was caught on video talking about the 47%? Well, this leak could be Obama's Waterloo. Once again, he's snubbed his nose at progressives. He did it when they put him the White House - make no mistake, progressives early and enthusiastic support was a good part of what propelled him - and now, again, he's kicking them in the balls by not even acknowledging all the progressive supporters' hard work and money and renewed excitement for the political process. Could Mr. Obama be any more disrespectful for the democratic process? He so much as said 'they don't matter'. Imagine if someone told Obama to back out and 'come together' for Hillary at this point in his '08 campaign.

"Mr. Obama has been careful in public to avoid disparaging Mr. Sanders, given his deeper history and relationship with Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Obama also does not want to alienate the liberal voters who have flocked to Mr. Sanders."

Well, Mr. Obama, it's too late. You have pissed off and alienated millions of people. Those "liberal voters" you pretend to care so much about will not forget this no matter what kind of scare tactics you or the media proclaim. Many people are mightily motivated now to upset the whole apple cart and not vote for the coronated nominee because it would only be more of the same. Hillary might be singing the same tune as Bernie right now but she's a terrible singer and, as sure as night is day, I don't think one person believes she will keep her word.

The idea that Hillary as the front-runner and nominal nominee would give her an advantage because of the longer timeline...well, I have no idea what Obama and the DNC is smoking. The longer Hillary is out front, the longer she would be a target for Trump's assaults. He's already started and, as I've said before, he will chew her up and spit her out. He will harp on the FBI investigation, her emails, Benghazi til the cows come home. Any facts about the investigation will not matter a wit to Donald Trump and he will harp on it til his followers believe it as 'fact'. And, that is just the beginning. Bill Clinton will come in for a major drubbing and no stone or cigar will be left unturned.

"Those in attendance described an urgency in Mr. Obama’s tone as he suggested that Democrats needed to come together to prevent an opening for the Republicans, whose leading candidate is Donald J. Trump, to exploit."

What 'opening' is Mr. Obama talking about?

This is a shocking turn of tactics for Obama. To reiterate, he has just royally pissed off millions of potential Democratic voters who 'frankly, don't give a damn' anymore about politics as usual. Let's say Bernie loses and is not the nominee, it would take a few weeks of mourning for his supporters to accept it. If Obama had heaped praise and love on Bernie and Bernie's supporters now, instead of marginalizing them, if he made them feel welcome then they might not see fit to turn their backs on the Party come November. But it would take massive mediation and therapy to get Bernie's people in the Dems corner at this point. Let the chips fall where they may...and fall they will.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton's 'Smart Power' Devastating For Lack Of Judgment

Reading today's New York Times front page, eye-opening article, "Clinton, 'Smart Power' and a Dictator's Fall" reminded me of how exasperated and angry I felt when I was marching against going to war in Iraq and how sickened I felt when I listened to the vote to authorize military action. I heard Hillary Clinton's vote with a feeling of confusion and betrayal. If all the people I was marching with understood the 'unintended consequences', and we were by no means privvy to CIA intelligence or secret meetings with questionable emissaries, then how could Hillary Clinton and her colleagues in Congress, with all the information they had, misjudge this authorization of going to war?

Well, the answer, my friends, is in this New York Times article for those who prefer to deny the glaring reality that Hillary is a died-in-the-wool war hawk. A war hawk whose lack of judgment is downright scary as summed up in this quote: "Mrs. Clinton understood the hazards, but also weighed the costs of not acting, aides said. They described her as comfortable with feeling her way through a problem without being certain of the outcome." Of course, no one can be certain of an outcome, but this quote may as well have said, "Let's wing it!" and signals a rush to making decisions without serious and deep consideration of what is to come afterward. Vice President Biden was correctly concerned with "not the day after, but the decade after." You can't just 'feel your way' through such a monumental decision.

As for intelligence about Iraq, Derek Chollet, a State Department aide, said that "We, the U.S., did not have a particularly good handle on what was going on inside Libya." "American officials were relying largely on news reports." Comforting.

And disturbingly, "Mr. Ross, speaking generally, said she had frequently consulted her husband: "I'd say, 'Here's what I think we should do.' She'd say, 'That's what Bill said, too." I don't think Hillary Clinton has had an original idea in thirty years - currently, witness her appropriation of Bernie Sander's ideas as they morph into Hillary Clinton's ideas. And I most definitely do not want Bill Clinton as co-President. It's been interesting to watch the hashtag #whichHillary take on a life of its own. I would also ask #whoisHillary.

Hillary supporters will undeniably view this post as 'hating on Hillary' when my concern about Hillary has always been a question of character...nothing else.

Read the Times article. Perhaps you will see it differently but facts cannot be ignored. Unless you are a denier.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Vaginistas Not Ruling My Ladyparts Insisting I Vote For Hillary

Women's Support of Hillary Clinton From 8 Years Ago A Flip-Flop?

If you're a newsjunkie like I am, then you are well aware of the feminist war between 'voting with your vagina' dissidents and Hillary loyalists who want to send those dissidents to hell for not supporting a woman because of her anatomy. The argument for being able to think for yourself, despite your gender, is one that is mysteriously overruled by the Vaginistas as they believe a woman's duty is to blindly support other women. Kind of ironic for people who call themselves feminists.

Having been an Obama supporter from Day One when he announced in January '07, I volunteered for two years along with the most remarkable grassroots organization - grown from seed - and amazing people who dedicated all their free time volunteering to elect Barack Obama. In our group, Obamawood(!), we spent every single primary election together, cheering and crying with joy when our candidate won and spent election night together getting seriously drunk with happiness.

The women volunteering for Obama were perhaps not all Hillary Haters but were squarely opposed to her candidacy because of all the reasons people are opposed to her now: untrustworthy, truth-bending, flip-flopping, elitism, 'inevitableness', hawkishness and not being in sync with her policies. I know first-hand. I was in the trenches with these women. We discussed why we wouldn't vote for Hillary. So, where along the way did those women suddenly switch-up and become fierce Hillary defenders? Did they just forget what they thought of her eight years ago? Did Hillary change that much that now all those shifty character traits have reversed course? Some say they've gotten worse. But what explains this change in perspective? Have those supporters values changed so much that they now think all those negatives, they so strongly believed in eight years ago, are acceptable? This totally baffles me.

I understand the power of personality. Obama was then, and now, an incredibly compelling, charismatic force of nature. He is irresistible and that could explain some of his support but that still doesn't clarify the 180 degree turn to now admiring Hillary, a woman these women previously scorned. It's true, "It's a women's prerogative to change her mind." and so it may be as simple as that. In this case, quite disheartening.

Here is a post of mine from the 2009...about how the women I was volunteering with felt about Hillary: From Naïve to Nobel

Once again, please tell me how women who couldn't stand Hillary when she ran for President now practically worship her. Ack, I'll leave it at that. Women. Sometimes I just don't understand them.

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Danger Of Hillary Clinton Being Elected President

Remember the thrill when Barack Obama was elected? It gave me chills watching the returns with my beloved Obamawood friends. We had spent the prior two years channeling every spare minute into supporting and working for Obama to be elected - first as the nominee of the Democratic Party and then President. We worked for Barack Obama, the man, who happened to be Black. It was a brilliant outcome.

But funny how the rise of the Tea Party coincided with the election of Barack Obama - the movement grew exponentially following Barack Obama's first presidential inauguration in January 2009." You can say what you want about the Republican Party being pushed to the right by the Tea Party and uber-conservatives, but there is a choice to follow or not to follow, and flock to the right they did. Pretty soon Republicans started with the push-back to anything Obama proposed. It was open hostility and unmasked racism. Eight years of struggle to shepherd legislation through Congress, it's a bloody miracle that Obama got anything done. So here I refer you to my article to shed some light on why Obama is reviled by the GOP: It's All About Sex, Obama And The White Men In Congress.  "Poor little white men. All twisted in knots. Can you imagine when we have a woman President. Kind of hard to imagine men writing about “my President” then…" to quote myself.

Which brings me to my point: If you think Hillary Clinton, with her shitload of Clinton baggage, would be treated any better than Barack Obama...well, dream on, baby cause you ain't seen nothing yet. Can you imagine the GOP apoplexy when they see Bill Clinton roaming the halls of the White House? It would kill them. Histrionics would ensue and every conceivable slur dredged up. The notion of the two-for-one Presidency would provide rip-roaring target practice for Clinton haters. And they are legion.

Then, combined with fear and loathing of the Clintons, we have The First Woman President. Have you noticed how Republicans are such woman-lovers? They demonstrate that love with their relentless denial of women's rights - you know, the civilized War on Women. Hillary Clinton happens to be woman. I shall rest my case here and restate the obvious, Clinton + Woman + President = another 4 years of stonewalling, sobbing (forgot, John Boehner is gone), hand-wringing and general Republican theatrics will keep this country in a perpetual state of gridlock while the wingnuts wait for their Messiah.