Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Queen of Illusion, Hillary Clinton, Pretender to the Presidency

Whirling dervish, Hillary Clinton, spins her 'convictions' faster than a monkey can climb a tree. Whatever's expedient that's what she'll say. Yes, people do evolve and change their minds but that's a whole lot of fast track evolving and it feels like just a big con. Her polling shows it: New Poll Shows 60% of Americans Think Hillary Clinton is Untrustworthy and Dishonest (11/6/15) Aren't 'untrustworthy' and 'dishonest' kind of euphemistic for 'liar'? So, you have the Democratic frontrunner for President of the United States who is considered a liar by a majority of voters. That is just sad. Especially if this comes down to the 'lesser of two evils' vote, yet again, instead of voting for a real desirable candidate.  

"Hillary Clinton has always been viewed as the Democrats' best general-election candidate. But new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls of Iowa and New Hampshire show that Bernie Sanders outperforms Clinton in those two general-election battleground states."

You know, it would be great to have a woman President but I think it would be the ultimate feminist decision to wait for the right one. Supporting someone because of their gender is as sexist as it gets.

Does Hillary Rodham Clinton have no shame? It's not like she's a magician with amazing sleight of hand. Her tricky record is right in front of us. Just google Hillary flipflops. Why, here's a good one: 6 flip flops from Hillary ‘Real Person’ Clinton An example: “We’ve got to do several things and I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants,” channeling Donald Trump, the Democratic frontrunner "adamantly" tells a talk radio host in 2003. And, she bragged about this just yesterday, November 9: “Well, look, I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier, to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. And I do think you have to control your borders.” Read about it here. So, is she the 'neocon' Rand Paul said she was?

People say, "Oh, isn't it great. Bernie's moving her to the left." Honestly, she'd move to Mars if it that's what it took. But what is troubling about her 'move to the left' is that she can't be trusted that what she says today is what she would do IF she is in office. Watch this video of Elizabeth Warren talking about Hillary back in 2004. Buyer beware.

Martin O'Malley said it best: "Leadership is about being clear about your principles." But does she have any? The same lack of conviction was the reason I didn't vote for her husband, Bill Clinton. I felt there was no there, there; no center. They're well paired. Two smart people blowin' hot air in the wind.

Why hang your hat on a lesser comet when you can have a shining star? Bernie Sanders has been talking about his meaningful principles for the last thirty years. He has a center, he has a conscience, he doesn't hold his finger to the wind to decide what he should think. Take a minute to watch a mashup of Bernie's speeches over the the last thirty years. Watch this and know you are listening to someone who believes what he says, who has been fighting for the good fight for years, who has predicted what this country has become: "at 3:25 (1993) Bernie talks about how our country is evolving into an oligarchy." He said that nineteen years ago.
Bernie is our best hope to tackle the problems of the 99%. Fuck the establishment.

And, this is the most troubling. Don't think for a minute, if Hillary is the nominee, that the GOP won't eviscerate her. She can barely beat Ben Carson, for chrissake, by 1%. When they're finished with her...we will have a Republican President. Let's say for a minute, by some miracle she makes it. Well, if you think the GOP hated Obama and effectively obstructed anything he wanted to get done - imagine for a moment how they would work with Hillary. Racism for him, sexism with Clintonism thrown in for her. There is no match for Hillary in the  divisive public figure department. A do-nothing Congress would do less than zero with Hillary. They couldn't stand to see her accomplish a thing. Her supporters are in denial if they think 'she'll show them!' Yeah, just like she marched into her good friends at Goldman Sachs and "told them to cut it out". Boy, they must have trembled in their boots at such an admonition. (Those are her words. True.)

We should be so lucky to have Bernie as our President.
This is what winning looks like! Bernie 2016!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Donald Trump: A Case Study of Mental Illness Not Being Taken Seriously by the Media

"What has this country come to?" It's asked everyday, by everyone, no matter their politics. It's the one question that we can all agree on even though the reasons are somewhat different. But don't stop the questioning there...it's not just rhetorical. You have to wonder how a man with a diagnosable mental disorder, someone you might have seen on a soapbox in Hyde Park spewing crazy shit, is allowed to run around like a delusional maniac believing he could be President of the United States. But, Ladies and Gentlemen, that is exactly what is happening here; and, it is gleefully being covered - fucking daily ad nauseum - by media outlets and so-called journalists. You know who I'm talkin' about. Do I really have to say his name one more time? Is there one person in the whole USA who doesn't know about this troll? Okay, okay - Donald Trump. But I don't want to address all the stupid crap he's regurgitating out of his ugly mouth. 

It's about how this country deals with the mentally ill. Luckily for Trump, he has a home and isn't one of the thousands of homeless people on the street because, except for that home, he would fit right in with his - here's the diagnosis - narcissistic megalomania as easily as the guy I saw last night in downtown L.A. yelling at some imaginary persecutor. But no one was covering this poor soul's insane ramblings. And he had better hair. Here again is the class divide even though they are on equal footing mentally. The Donald was fortunate to be born into a wealthy family so he kind of flew under the radar. 

In fact, his disorder was looked upon as a path to success. Here, this guy wrote about it:
Being A Narcissistic Megalomaniac With Sociopathic Tendencies May Mean You Have An Advantage In Business, According To Psychologist Oliver James  But, the chickens will come home to roost someday and it won't be pretty. To wit: "The final stage of NPD is the part of a narcissist’s life when the world they have known in the past starts to spin out of their control. The loss of power and prowess over others is devastating to a megalomaniac narcissist. It damages and unhinges the narcissist psychologically and emotionally, leading to an intra-personal implosion followed by a violent explosive end for the narcissist and others around them." This guy was writing about Jim Jones but, hey, you might say Trump is feeding his followers Kool-Aid.

Does the fact that so many people (aka Tea Partiers) support him mean that they are crazy, too? At the very least, they are enablers in a co-dependent relationship. Can it get any worse? Why is the media covering this guy so relentlessly when he should be tackled and put in straitjacket to be tucked away in a mental ward before we all go nuts. It's not funny or amusing any more. He is making us the laughingstock of the world. ISIS must be ROFLMFAO.

It's time for the media to take some responsibility (ha, that's an old trope) for how they are presenting the news. Most people are not news junkies, like I and many of my friends are, so what they see is what they believe and that is a pretty straightforward transaction. People are busy, they don't have to think about it. But the reality is, Donald Trump has a mental disorder* and the press isn't talking about it. Why not? Afraid they'll get reamed my Mr. Born-to-Sue? It is an awful thing to reward people for awful behavior and it doesn't help the conversation that should be addressed - mental illness.

I don't believe Trump is a real 'threat' to become the GOP nominee, nevermind President, but I wish he and his grotesque orange face would get out of my face. Let the other nincompoops have equal time. BTW, do you think Trump and Boehner share a tanning bed?

*By Mayo Clinic Staff
Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that's vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

A narcissistic personality disorder causes problems in many areas of life, such as relationships, work, school or financial affairs. You may be generally unhappy and disappointed when you're not given the special favors or admiration you believe you deserve. Others may not enjoy being around you, and you may find your relationships unfulfilling.

Narcissistic personality disorder treatment is centered around talk therapy (psychotherapy).

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Let's Make Neil deGrasse Tyson Obama's Ambassador-At-Large

Did you happen to catch 60 MINUTES piece about super nova, Neil deGrasse Tyson, there other night? If you didn't, watch it here, and you'll understand why I think Obama should appoint him as an Ambassador-At-Large.

Yes, I'm a starstruck fangirl who has stood in line with hundreds of others to see Neil deGrasse Tyson in person and witness his ineffable charm. Really, there is not a more charming, urbane and sexy - yes, smart is soooo sexy - public figure. Name one. With his boundless energy, intelligence and charisma, he makes the most unfathomable questions about the universe and cosmos comprehensible and totally fascinating.

He also imparts important information in a most non-threatening, often playful way that even climate change deniers and members of the anti-science movement would hopefully be more receptive to hear. 

Since deGrasseTyson's ideological agenda doesn't cross-over into religion - he's an atheist, a stereotype he disdains 
so probably agnostic is more palatable - he can get across some real science, kind of like slipping a little sugar into a 
sour drink. Either way, religion isn't going to muck up the facts so maybe a few minds could be pried open to hearing scientific truths. On second thought maybe he should include the Bible in referencing science so as to make the pot a little more palatable. Hmmmm. 

Yes, he has a tv show, over 4 MILLION twitter followers and is a regular on talk shows. That's all cool. But in an official capacity as Ambassador-At-Large, Neil deGrasse Tyson would be an ideal communicator for the administration on any number of policies - scientific or otherwise. For example, he could break down the Iran deal and teach us what 'nuclear capabilities' really means. Send him to Iran to schmooze with the Ayatollah about plutonium, uranium and atomic bombs. He is undeniably an expert and the Iranians would pay attention. How about if he had a little sitdown with the Koch bros and told them - in his most hardcore charming way - what horrible people they are and explain why they are killing the planet?! 

Neil deGrass Tyson, Master Communicator, we need him! Maybe this little suggestion will be heard and, who knows, it's worth a try! Should we start a petition?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

It's All About Sex, Obama And The White Men In Congress

Can you say "I hate America" more effectively than the 47 patriotic senators who meddled in, and endangered, the foreign policy of the United States of America by sending a stupid letter to the government of Iran? These people are so confused, they run around like rats in a maze. They are the ones who "hate America" with their irresponsible provocation. The subtext, of course, to their attempt to be pen pals with the mullahs was, "We hate Barack Obama so much that we'll do anything to humiliate him and take down his black ass." Secretly, no openly, they probably support Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the notorious SAE, at least in spirit, and no doubt are wondering what the hell is wrong with students singing that funny little song? You know these people have lynching in their hearts.

Racism is a bottomless pit of American anxiety and it looks like there is no magical medication to assuage the disease. No matter how much is written, discussed, preached and Facebooked about it, racism seems to be embedded in the human psyche in a way that defies exorcism. And that brings me to my question and my point.

Why do right-wingers and neocons in Congress hate Obama so much? Racism is the obvious answer but let's take a look at who these people are -- mostly pathetic white men. Let's take a look at Obama -- handsome, smart, virile. Oh, and he's black. This is the scary Myth come true for them. So my point is: it's all about sex. And race.

Whether having it, getting it, thinking about it, viewing it, wishing for it, condemning it, it doesn't take an anthropologist to understand that sex is top-of-mind for most of the human species. Sex is everywhere in our popular culture, in our faces on television, in movies, billboards, magazines – you know the drill - but the fact that sex sells must be because it 'appeals' to us. Many humans are one step away from behaving like bonobos but are reined in by trying to be civilized. Our lives are lived between sexual encounters. An exception is if you're a smoker, then you live your life between cigarettes which, if you're addicted, even trumps sex. But I digress.

So, these horrible white men who pretend they are doing work in Congress, are first and foremost males, thinking about sex (you know they are) who see this powerful black man -- and powerful, too, in a way that challenges their very existence, for he is President and they are not -- combined with his persona, the animus for him, so deep, that all they can do is lash out every chance they get to protect their pathetic manhood. I won't even go into the whole penis thing...dealing with the realization that Obama even exists is enough for these babies to handle before they explode.

Plus the fact that women, in droves, voted for Obama isn't lost on these puerile Christians. The spectre of a sexy, charming Obama (remember that picture of him in his swimsuit stepping out of the surf in Hawaii all brawny and fit!) looms over them while women swoon over this heavenly black man. And, to prove their love, women went to the polls to vote for him to be their President, a direct kick in the groin for these men. And now when women write about Obama, it is totally personal as in, "I am so glad he is my President!" "Thank you, my President!" I have seen this over and over and married or not, women would give it up for a fling with their President. Men are all too aware of it, aware of the competition. The threat. Of this black man. Doesn’t he know his place?

Of course, we can't leave out the special hostility men have for Michelle Obama but that is a whole other ball of Gordian Knots. Suffice it to say, I believe these whiny, tortured white men would rather be water-boarded than have a black family in the White House and a black woman as First Lady. 

So, yes, right-wingers, neocons and Libertarians do everything to stymie Obama with their special brand of racism, kicked up several notches, to take down The Man and keep him away from their women. They act out in ways that are even totally against their proclaimed 'love for America'. Their record for protecting civil rights and social justice issues is abysmal. So fearful are they that they have decided their strategy is to accomplish nothing so they can protect what little manhood they can claim. Smells like white man's self-hatred to me.

Poor little white men. All twisted in knots. Can you imagine when we have a woman President.  Kind of hard to imagine men writing about “my President” then…
The white man is, and has always been, his own worst enemy:
The American white man's malignant superiority complex has done him more harm than an invading army. [Malcolm X, p 317, Autobiography]

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Make No Mistake. This Is A Coup. John Boehner, Manchurian Candidate.

Helloooo People. Wake up! Something you never imagined could happen in these Un-United States of America, IS HAPPENING. We are in the midst of a COUP by the Taliban Tea Party. No, I am not kidding, this is serious. The crazy minority of Tea Partiers, headed by Ted Cruz, have seized (mind) control of John Boehner, Manchurian Candidate. Instead of the Queen of Diamonds, they show him a picture of Barack Obama and he does anything they ask. For real.

Do you understand? Do you?

Make no mistake...this is a real coup. All the PACS and well-meaning organizations have nothing on these guys. Do you think Ted Cruz is cowed by this? A sad little plea about destroying "The Dream"? Are you serious? Ted Cruz, et al are laughing at this trite, cute petition to call the GOP and tell them to stop spoiling things. "Awww, ok, we'll stop if you call us." Puh-lease. Cruz, like the maniac that he is, is winning. While we're asleep at the wheel.

These are but flies on an elephant, the elephant being Ted Cruz:  
* MSNBC host asks GOPer: “Do you hate Obamacare more than you love your country?”  
* Pat Robertson to GOP: Give up!"The Republicans have got to wave the white flag" 
* New House Republican plan has staff back under the bus

Hahahahahaha. This one really gets me...as though he/they would listen:  
SIGN HERE to demand Ted Cruz and Tea Party Congressmen denounce these heinous acts: http://www.dccc.org/fb-TeaPartyRally

Give me a break, all of these petitions appealing to reason are pathetic...Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo, MSNBC, NARAL, Democrats, Move On and on...love this one:
Left Action 
Don't just get angry at House Republicans -- get even. Send a message, tell them we're taking back the House, and help EMILY's List make it happen: http://leftaction.com/action/tell-house-republicans-were-taking-back-house
As if.

I hope President Obama has a Plan B because these people must be stopped. This is not about diversity of opinions. This is not about free speech. This is not about democracy in action. This is clearly a government takeover and Ted Cruz should be thrown in jail for sedition. I've been saying this for months and now Rachel Maddow is saying it, so maybe someone will listen.

If any petition needs to be circulated, it should be to arrest Ted Cruz for sedition. Done...sign here:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Two State Solution. For The Taliban GOP/Tea Party & Everyone Else.

You think the Middle East is locked in a cultural stalemate? Heh, look in your own backyard. If this isn't a clone of the Israeli/Palestinian deadlock, I don't know what is. The Taliban Tea Party - hey, you have to admire how much power they wield for such an incoherent minority - has driven this country to the brink of madness and the only way to fix this is just like the Middle East. The only solution is a two state solution. Here it is: Give them the South - except for Louisiana because we don't them to fuck up New Orleans.

Ok, so there are some nice folks in the South. We'll give them ample time to get themselves together to emigrate to the Normal North. Then, we will build a 'separation barrier', as it's called in Israel, exactly like the wall they have between Israel and the West Bank, and exactly like the one them Tea Baggers want along the border with Mexico. Nobody will bother them. They can carry on and do whatever the fuck they please, shoot guns at will, use magic potions for healthcare and thrive on a meth-based economy. President Ted Cruz can even be the paternal, insane dictator of the United States of Tea Party he so desperately wants to be and those Tea Baggers can say god whenever they goddam please and pray all day long...cause they're gonna need it.

The Two State Solution can't come soon enough because, just as the Middle East can explode at any time, so too, can this cultural ticking time bomb between the Tea Baggers and Everyone Else erupt while we are all passively sitting around wringing our hands. 

I wrote about the Taliban Tea Party back on April 8, 2011 and here it is again as it still stands:

Tea Party Taliban Imposing Sharia-like Law

With the imminent shutdown of the government by the Teabaggers - make no mistake, they are the ones whose intractability is pushing this country to the brink - they are beginning to look a lot like a cult enacting their own type of Sharia law by imposing their repressive and regressive moral code onto all of us 'non-believers'. NO health screenings for women, NO sex education in school, NO abortion counseling or abortion funding NO matter how you got pregnant, NO arts funding, "Waste of money!", NO learning to read, write or 'rithmetic, "Cut education funding. Now!" It's the uneducated hating to learn anything because it might upset their vacuous core 'values'. And god forbid anyone else should read a book and find out that the Philistine Teabaggers are all full of shit. NO climate change. NO birth certificate. NO government. NONONONONO. 

So, the Tea Party is taking a page out of the Al Qaeda handbook. For al-Qaeda, Sharia represents a perfect system for ordering human affairs. And for the Taliban Tea Party, that is exactly how they want the system to be: no room for diversity of thought, a strict adherence to their commandments or punishment by slow asphyxiation of the mind by depriving one of books, classrooms and learning. They want a country devoid of creative thinking, going down the slippery slope to next banning hip hop, all languages but bad English, and just shooting immigrants on site.

Wikipedia calls the Tea party an American populist party and goes on to describe Populism, as a political philosophy urging social and political system change that favors "the people" over "the elites", or favors the common people over the rich and wealthy business owners. Read that, per the Tea Party, as deriding anything that can help “the people” like crushing collective bargaining (I wonder if they know about the Triangle Fire and other apocalyptic worker tragedies and child labor that would still be going on today if it weren’t for collective bargaining aka unions.) And read that as the Tea Party turning the other cheek with regard to obscene corporations, “the elites” (the Kochs), making out like Jesse James in Vegas. As usual, they have everything ass-backwards. 

Here’s their mission from their website: “A community committed to standing together, shoulder to shoulder, to protect our country and the Constitution upon which we were founded!” Yes! With an exclamation mark 'n all! It’s like somebody in grade two wrote it. Or the Republican caucus. Meaningless drivel, and yet the political muscle of their miniscule minions is stupefying.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Obama & Kerry, Lighting the Powderkeg, Pushing U.S. Into Prideful Mid-East War

Of all the Seven Deadly Sins, it is said that Pride is the Mother of them all:
In almost every list, pride (Latin, superbia), or hubris (Greek), is considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins, and the source of the others. SOURCE

Can you think of any more prideful reasons for 'surgically bombing' Syria than those spewed forth from John Kerry and Barack Obama than:
* invoking the hideous videos of gassed civilians? Where were videos of Iraq war vets' coffins coming home? Didn't they hide them so they could keep the war machine chugging? Now they're using videos of agonizing deaths of innocent civilians as though they are more horrible than our dead soldiers who took bullets and all nature of other gruesome killing devices.
* The strike would be 'proportional' - what the hell does that mean? Proportional to what? Their misguided Pride and bloated Egos? They should both wear a scarlet "W" on their foreheads.
* The now oft repeated 'international norms' - which bloody 'international norms'? The ones they keep changing to fit their needs? 
* The fact that chemical weapons were used on children. Children! Forget about the adults. Repeating, ad nauseum, that children died. Using children and women to try and tug at our heart strings. 'Men' just muddy the waters when it comes to making their argument.

The Powder-Keg Twins plus John McCain continually talk about how NOT going to war is undermining the credibility of the United States. What credibility? What are they smoking?
Here's just one link to test that credibility:
10 Chemical Weapons Attacks Washington Doesn't Want You to Talk About

I'm sick of hearing how different this will be than the Iraq war. (Again, going on record as having marched against that war too.) To me, this 'strike', as they call it and insist it's not war, has the possibility of being even more incendiary than Iraq, worse that Afghanistan. This could be the match that lights the powder-keg in the mid-east. 

Why? Because of Pride. Boys playing in the sandbox Pride. Seventh grade Pride. Dick Pride. We've heard it all before. This is a conflagration waiting to happen. Yes, the UN is completely useless. That said, all diplomatic efforts have not been exhausted through U.S. channels apparently. Pressure for diplomatic talks needs to be applied like a tourniquet on these Prideful Politicians. And pressure to give more aid to the refugees. That is where the U.S. can restore some credibility. Help the people who are alive.

Krulak’s law is simple: Soldiers in the field interacting with local people are the most important element of nation building and counter insurgency. SOURCE

Obama and Kerry and the war machine can save face - which is like a little gift to prideful people who make egregious, impulsive mistakes - when the House votes against it. The War Twins can rail and thrash about how terrible it is that Congress voted not to give them war powers but then they can pretend to meekly turnaround and abandon their foolishness. If only Obama and Kerry meant it when they talk about representing the will of 'the American people' instead of saying that 'the American people' just don't understand and have to be told what to think. How much more paternalistic can you get?

Stop the world. I want to get off. 

Saved by Russia? Did Russia intentionally wait til the last moment to act as savior to the United States? If so, warmongers will say this proves that saber rattling works. Sigh.