Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A General's Gotta Do What A General's Gotta Do

Hey, c'mon, since the General, Petraeus in this case, is in charge of rallying the troops and keeping up their morale, who in the world do you think is going to rally the General and keep up his morale, eh? Ok, so now we know. Oh, I should have made that 'Generals' as we now know there was another General, General Allen, whose morale also needed keeping up. Look, these guys have a very stressful job and they're entitled to a little R&R. No judgement.

But I bet there is one person who is kicking herself as a spy with a lost opportunity. The sizzling, red-hot Russian spy, the sultry Anna Chapman, a modern day Mata Hari, could have had a field day with these guys. She probably didn't think that the military was so easy to infiltrate. Instead, she was relegated to impersonating a downtown 'vivacious vixen' as The Post called her. Maybe next time.

So, I guess that's where the troubling part comes in. Certainly it can't be a man's personal life - that's his business - but when his personal business plus the business he's in = the military, then some pretty serious slip-ups can happen. "Why just reading your email, Sir Loves-A-Lot! No biggie. Oh my, but that is! (sultry smile) Say, just tell me the code for ________ and then let's drop a few 'bombs'..."

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Romney: A Wealthy Man With A Deficit...of Character

If Mitt Romney wants to get rid of the deficit, he should start with himself. The man has the biggest, deepest deficit of character ever exhibited on the world stage who wasn't a murderer.

Certainly this old joke, “How can you tell when a politician is lying? When his (or her) lips move.” is true enough, but this self-professed religious, Christ-loving Mormon defies any definition of character, in any religion, by lyinglyinglying. About everything. He's a kleptomaniacal fabulist who steals anything he hears, true or not, grabbing for tidbits of tired rhetoric of what he thinks people may want to hear. The desperation of wanting to be relevant, to better his daddy, to be in the spotlight is pathetic especially since there seems to be no other reason he is running for President.

Forget about flip-flopping, forget about whether you agree or disagree with his policies (whatever they are), forget him being a tight-ass wooden automaton, forget about him being rich, I just want to know how this man sleeps at night? Probably very well as those do who haven't the slightest bit of a nagging conscience. Isn't that lack of conscience a symptom of being a psychopath? It would be illuminating to sit inside the Romney brain and watch him connect his synapses into the whirling spin that must take place for him to justify his egregious behavior.

Is this a person who should be President of the United States?

Aside from Romney, The Hollow Man, consider the frightening Supreme Court appointment possibilities. I wrote this during the last election, but it still applies: "It's The Supremes, Stupid"

So, hey Progressives (of which I am one), hey all of you who don't feel like voting or think it doesn't matter, hey you who think writing in Homer Simpson is a cute protest and doesn't matter. IT MATTERS.

VOTE FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA & then, after the election, stay active, get involved in issues that will make a difference, work for a Third Party, work to get rid of the electoral college, work for Single Payer, work for the Dream Act, and on and on. But this Tuesday, your vote does matter. It's the Power of One...it's yours to use or throw away (but then you not allowed to bitch).

OBAMA 2012!