Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wondering: Would Pro-Lifers Abort A Gay Baby?

Okay, so here's a question for all you 'Pro-Lifers'. As I'm sure you are painfully aware, there are a couple of cases being argued in front of the Supreme Court today and tomorrow that have to do with gay marriage. Yeah, I know, the thought of it just twists you into slip knots that you probably learned in the Boy Scouts.  

But aside from gays - who you can't stand no matter what they do or that they even exist - I'm curious how you square your Pro-Life stance with baby gays. Because, as you know, but don't want to acknowledge, being gay...or being born blonde or blue-eyed or curly-haired or tall or having big feet, smart or stupid and so on...is not a choice. I know you have trouble with that. 

Well, wait. Let me back up a bit. Can we agree that there is 'curve' of sexuality with regard to human beings? You know, some of you just hate sex...so that would be kind of in the middle of the paradigm of sexuality...with people who are totally hetero on one end and totally gay on the other and then everything inbetween. You see what I'm talkin' about?

So here's the question: If there were a test for gayness in utero, would you be for abortion? I know it's kind of a crude question but, what are your thoughts on that?

If the sanctity of life is paramount, then if, say, you're a pregnant Tea Bagger lady living in Wisconsin who a) hates gays b) believes 'all' life is sacred - and you find out the precious life inside of you is GAYGAYGAY, would you welcome the little human product of your fornication as one of God's children? Or would you run to the nearest abortion clinic and blot out what you would consider God's mistake? I'll give a generous 10 seconds to answer.

Oh, so you'd have it and immediately give it up for adoption. But you would keep a cherished baby with physical birth defects, right? Just not a gay one. Ok, got it.