Thursday, April 18, 2013

The NRA As Third Party, Shadow President & Militant Enforcer

The title says it all really. They are f**king running this country. For now anyway. Because they have got those weak-willied Congressmen by the nuts, terrified of acting on principle (do they have any?) and scared out of their minds of losing their jobs. Because if they lost, they would have to get a real job.

How the NRA got to this position of power should be a dire warning to the citizenry of this country. Passivity, complacence and letting others (activists) do the work is not a viable business model. Passionate crazies have a ton of energy and are laser focused on their goals. Regular people watch the news, wring their hands, complain about the government and often don't even bother to vote. Keep it up and next thing you know, Wayne "KooKoo" (click on link) LaPierre will be taking the Oath of Office.

Seriously, folks - to quote our dear VP - if this isn't a call to arms - yes, you heard that right - then I don't know what will get people off their butts to take part in this so-called democracy of ours. Petitions on-line are asking people to take a 'pledge' to not give money to the shamed candidates, Democrat or Republican, who voted against the Firearms Bill that simply mandates background checks before someone buys a gun. Apparently 91% of Americans want background checks but there was a disconnect somewhere that didn't get that message across. It's easy to sit at your computer and click on petitions 'n stuff but the real action happens when people are truly passionate about their issues, get involved, give of their time and see causes through to the end.

We did not elect the NRA and they have no business dictating policy to the extent that they do. They are drunk with power and they must be stopped.

We are the 91%. Here are a few ways to help in California - Firearms Policy Coalition:  Check other states for opportunities to help put the NRA where they belong. At a shooting range. Or something.