Thursday, October 4, 2012

If Obama loses, will he move to Canada?

Sigh. I know, so much has been written/said about The Thrilla In Denver already but Obama's self-inflicted defeat is almost too much for me to bear. Today, Obama was saying that he met a new Romney last night and so, too, did we meet a new Obama. Or did we? Or was this the old, pre-convention Obama who mustered half-hearted support on his behalf because any thinking person could not tolerate the thought of the other side winning. Until last night, my enthusiasm meter was inching its way up, certainly not to '08 levels, but to a 'feeling pretty good' level. And then, this.

It started early. The slippery slope to ignominious debate hell. The Romneys, all of them, fresh-eyed and bushy-tailed, looked great. Ann was dazzling in her white suit, Mitt's hair perfectly, but not too perfectly, coiffed, wearing a GOP-red tie. Obama looked tired as hell and Michelle seemed uncharacteristically nervous. Did she know something? Did he have a tummy-ache?

Romney was robust, full of fire. He even seemed like a real person. Reganesque one might say, even down to the cadence at times. He must have watched a ton of video. Obama had brain-freeze. It couldn't have been a senior moment. That was reserved for the poor least that was what he was called...Jim Lehrer who single-handedly gave old people a bad name, befuddled and unable to string together any 'moderator' words. He's out to pasture.

But the damage done by Obama's piss poor performance, his lack of pushback to obvious openings when he could have, in a not-angry-black man-way (This was remarked on by innumerable articles that he better not come off like that. Sigh), slammed Romney for flipflops, his outright lies. Oh, so on Facebook there is banner after banner, article after article touting Romeny's lies. Let me tell you something, his lies are exactly what those big donors were looking for. Do you think they give a shit if he's telling the truth or not? They just wanted him to do exactly what he did last night...come out fighting, say what they wanted to hear, and ka-ching all the way to the bank. And, here they come, a kazillion dollars in negative Obama ads. Complain all you want about Lyin' Romney and his VP Lyin' Ryan, their supporters could care less. Don't proclaim your self-righteous indignation, it's a waste of time. Instead, GOTV.

But the really bad thing about Obama's no good, very bad day was that it reminds the people, who he needs to get out and vote for him, about what a spine-less compromiser he is. It just highlights his weaknesses, his inexperience. It didn't take much to conjure up 'disappointment' again. It reminds progressives how he jilted them even though they were the ones that lifted him to the lofty heights of the Presidency. Yes, we know that Congress will do everything in its power to give Obama exactly nothing. But still. We were beginning to almost feel warm and fuzzy about him again but now we're back to settling for 'the lesser of two evils'. What kind of legacy is that? I'm reminded of my own post about needing therapy, about selling my soul to vote for him. (Sold. I'm voting for him.) Here's a paragraph but do read the whole thing here:

You can see how badly I need therapy. Maybe you do, too? So, I'm going to sue the President, the White House, the entire administration and his ass-wipe advisors for malfeasance, for taking a gigantic mandate - from middle-class Democrats, progressives, Republicans, blacks, Latinos, women, people who had never felt moved to vote before who registered and voted...students, young people, old people, if dogs could've voted they would have...everyone came out to vote. It was the biggest party, the most positive, charged, electric global, hopeful atmosphere. People were joyful, elated that they rode this prophet, of Hope and Change, to victory on their shoulders, happy to carry this man, this harbinger of better days, after their months and months of hard work and devotion, and love - to victory. To a victory that was squandered by inexperience, arrogance and Obama's weakest link, a pathological need to be liked. As Eric Alterman writes in the Nation Magazine, "Financial Times columnist Martin Wolf has complained of Obama—accurately, in my view—that he “wishes to be President of a country that does not exist. In his fantasy, US politicians bury differences in bipartisan harmony.”" As smart as people says Obama is, he doesn't seem able to pick up the cues of defeat. Or is it pride, the worst sin of all? Are we going to hell in a hand basket because of a prideful President who believes his early reviews?