Wednesday, September 19, 2012

President Romney. Don't like it? Don't take anything for granted.

What's always worrisome is that 'good news' for our candidate will make people complacent. Willard Romney is practically handing over the election, or so one might think, by constantly tripping over himself (whoever he is) but Dems Beware! For instance, this headline on Daily Kos: Hey pundits ... it's over. Baaaaad. It's NEVER over til it's over. You know the fat lady singing thing?! Believe in Murphy's Law til the last poll closes.

This is the home stretch and we cannot assume anything. We have no idea how voter suppression will manifest itself or how poll workers will take it upon themselves to deny voters their ballots.

In fact, we should be doubling down on volunteering and helping those tough congressional and senate races, too. And, as I've said ad nauseum, in the end, it's all about GOTV. So, if you can only do one thing, please put November 6 on your calendar and volunteer to help people get to the polls.

Find out from your local Democratic HQ or OFA how you can sign up to assist on election day and then savor a nice cocktail as you watch the returns. Hopefully, successful returns. Make it happen!

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