Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Line In The Sand For Obama. Syria.

I thought my line in the sand for Obama would be if he nominated Larry Summers, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, but I've moved the line up (I'm sure he's shaking in his boots) to if he gives the okay for military action in Syria. Obushama.

Somehow this feels like déjà vu all over again. Like 2003. The invasion of Iraq. I vividly remember listening to the vote count in Congress, who was voting 'for', who 'against', and having that horrible sinking feeling that the Bush/Cheney lies had worked their magic. We were going to war.

I marched against that war, several times, but nobody paid attention to us. We marched in front of the CNN building in Hollywood and no one even bothered to cover it. And now this. The drums of the Industrial War Complex beating loud and clear. It's time to crank up the war machine. For what?

Drop a missile someplace in Syria and supposedly scare Assad so silly that he'll come out waving a white flag and beg forgiveness for gassing hundreds, probably thousands, of people. Yeah, right. There is no place in Syria that bombing it would make one whit of difference. They're not going to bomb the chemical weapons warehouses, they're not going to bomb civilian populations, they already said they're not going to bomb Assad...so where the hell are they going to bomb...and WHY?

You know what they - meaning the U.S. and partners - should be doing? They should be taking care of all the refugees that have fled Syria and are now living in the squalor of refugee camps. No future. No life. If they can't do anything of value in Syria, at least take care of the people. TAKE CARE OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SURVIVED. Check this website: http://syrianrefugees.eu/ THIS is a human tragedy.

Going to war, again, is just unimaginable. We've seen it time and time again. The epitome of crazy. Repeating the same stupid military actions, hoping for a different result. What can we do to stop it? Anything? So sad.