Monday, December 14, 2015

The Danger Of Hillary Clinton Being Elected President

Remember the thrill when Barack Obama was elected? It gave me chills watching the returns with my beloved Obamawood friends. We had spent the prior two years channeling every spare minute into supporting and working for Obama to be elected - first as the nominee of the Democratic Party and then President. We worked for Barack Obama, the man, who happened to be Black. It was a brilliant outcome.

But funny how the rise of the Tea Party coincided with the election of Barack Obama - the movement grew exponentially following Barack Obama's first presidential inauguration in January 2009." You can say what you want about the Republican Party being pushed to the right by the Tea Party and uber-conservatives, but there is a choice to follow or not to follow, and flock to the right they did. Pretty soon Republicans started with the push-back to anything Obama proposed. It was open hostility and unmasked racism. Eight years of struggle to shepherd legislation through Congress, it's a bloody miracle that Obama got anything done. So here I refer you to my article to shed some light on why Obama is reviled by the GOP: It's All About Sex, Obama And The White Men In Congress.  "Poor little white men. All twisted in knots. Can you imagine when we have a woman President. Kind of hard to imagine men writing about “my President” then…" to quote myself.

Which brings me to my point: If you think Hillary Clinton, with her shitload of Clinton baggage, would be treated any better than Barack Obama...well, dream on, baby cause you ain't seen nothing yet. Can you imagine the GOP apoplexy when they see Bill Clinton roaming the halls of the White House? It would kill them. Histrionics would ensue and every conceivable slur dredged up. The notion of the two-for-one Presidency would provide rip-roaring target practice for Clinton haters. And they are legion.

Then, combined with fear and loathing of the Clintons, we have The First Woman President. Have you noticed how Republicans are such woman-lovers? They demonstrate that love with their relentless denial of women's rights - you know, the civilized War on Women. Hillary Clinton happens to be woman. I shall rest my case here and restate the obvious, Clinton + Woman + President = another 4 years of stonewalling, sobbing (forgot, John Boehner is gone), hand-wringing and general Republican theatrics will keep this country in a perpetual state of gridlock while the wingnuts wait for their Messiah.