Thursday, November 4, 2010

Obama Window Just Closed. Where's Bulworth?

Mid-term elections 2010 are finally fucking over. There has got to be a better way to touch voters other than interrupt them 15 times a day with phone calls, robo or otherwise. If I weren't such a 'voterphile', I might have slammed the phone, pulled the plug and said the hell with all of yous. There has to be some sort of technology that indicates a phone number has been called before, like a million times. And it would certainly be helpful to know how many times a number has been called in one’s own campaign. This is software just waiting for an algorithm. Someone get busy before the next onslaught of phone calls that's just around the corner.

Ah yes, the presidential campaign starts now, and we are about to endure hours of pundit prognostications, ruminations and colossally boring chit chat about whether Sarah Palin is going to run, can she actually speak in sentences, hours and hours of microscopic dissection of the Tea Party, watch Christine O'Donnell rise from the cauldron of ignorance to reality show freak, and on and on. But, this isn't going to be as bad as watching the Democratic party flounder like a fish on a Republican hook or as bad as watching President Obama being played by the Republicans like a cat batting around a mouse giving it momentary hope that it's life will be saved only to have it gobbled and spit out like a tasty snack.

That's what it's come to since Obama has squandered his window of opportunity to actually govern with the spine of a leader who could see that 'compromise' with the opposition wasn't going anywhere. Obama, who projected his persona to be the avatar as political savior, the man who was going to take the Washington bulls by the balls and change things up like he was supposed to. He went to Washington and did things old school. He never manned up. And now that precious window of opportunity to get things done is down the toilet.

Oh, I can hear the defenders repeat that old saw of theirs that Obama was never what we progressives thought he was. They say we projected onto him what we wanted to see. Well, my friends, that's not exactly true. You see, Obama was hoisted to victory on the backs of progressives who supported him early on, and Mr. Obama never said to progressives, "Look, I appreciate your support but I just want you to know that's not who I am. I'm a squishy moderate who will capitulate to Republican bullying...just so you know."  He never said, “Thank you” either. Instead, he took progressives for granted and wouldn’t even talk to them until his recent summit with progressive bloggers. Seriously. The defenders will say it's all in his books, and we should have known better. That we were hoping for miracles. Well, yes we were. But no we weren't. We were going with a guy who let us think he was a leader. Yeah, I know the other old saw about how campaigning is different from governing. So what.

And how about those much sought after independents who also believed that Obama would bring some brio to the White House. While independents may have voted to repudiate the Republicans, they also believed in the change Obama promised so relentlessly, that it would be different from the last eight years of unintelligent design by the ignorant enforcers. And now where are they? Driven back to the other side by an unfulfilled vision of what might have been. Yes, independents are notoriously fickle, but you have to give people some love to keep them interested. They didn't get any and neither did progressives. When your base doesn't think you love them, they're gone, onto the next cute boy or girl with pie-in-the-sky possibilities.

Now, more gridlock and Republican bullying, and any chance that any kind of progressive change will happen is as remote as John Boehner becoming a Democrat. And by progressive, I simply mean 'moving forward'.

My hope is that Obama will use his veto power to at least keep the conservative agenda in check. However, according to the following definition, we could be fucked on that score, too, with the Republican majority in Congress: A presidential veto is the rejection of a bill passed by the majority votes of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. While Congress can vote to override a presidential veto, causing the bill to become law without the president's approvals, this is rarely done. (Ha, ha, suuuure. We'll see.) More often than not, the threat of presidential veto is sufficient motivation for Congress to modify the bill prior to its passage. (Republicans laughing)

Yes, in conclusion, I put this mid-term debacle squarely on Obama's shoulders. He said so himself. And I certainly don't think we wouldn't have lost seats, but if there had been any enthusiasm for how Obama was doing, then his base would have shown him some love and done anything to go out and vote. But disappointment prevailed and that was not to be.

Where's our Bulworth?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

For Geezuz Kris Sake...the news of the day according to the Huffington Post for example

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Senate: U.S. Afghan Bases Employ Guards Tied To Taliban  This is so laughable that it doesn't merit comment., "Where was HR?"

Lawyer ARRESTED For Staying Silent During Pledge Of Allegiance  shit, I should be in solitary confinement
Fed's $2 Trillion May Buy Few Jobs  Fuck, yer kidding, right??

KNEE JERKS  Isn't it amazing that all these so-called smart people are appointed to head these agencies? Makes me sympathetic to Tea Partiers who hate the fucking government...they got that part right. 

Top Senate Dem: Halt Foreclosures  Did that just occur to you? 

Fed's $2 Trillion May Buy Few Jobs  Show me the money? Who gotten the fucking money? Not me. Not my poor slob neighbor who's just about to lose his home cause he doesn't have a shitty job. 

Anderson Cooper Takes On Vince Vaughn Movie's Use Of 'So Gay' (VIDEO)  If Anderson Cooper is so offended by the use of 'gay' then why doesn't he fucking come out? He's adorable but he's a fucking coward. What an asshole. 

Albert Mohler, Southern Baptist Leader, On Yoga: Not Christianity HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaH. What an asshole.  

National Christian Group Pulls Support For Anti-Gay Event, Calls For 'Tolerance'  That's cause half the organization sucks cock and calls it 'abstinence' and calls it 'tolerance'. Shit. 

Obama: Election Groups 'That Receive Foreign Money' Are A 'Threat To Our Democracy'  Shit, China practically owns us. We'd be up shit's creek if 'ferinners' didn't invest in this country. What the hell's he talkin' about?  

Christina Hendricks Sounds Off On Cathy Horyn's 'Big Girl' Dig  Awwww, Christina's 'feelings were hurt' because she wore some big ass dress that the fashionistas who, btw, would never qualify for the red fucking carpet cause they're too bloody awful, and this qualifies as news. Waaaaaaaaaaa. Is this important to some people? 

PHOTOS: Hundreds Of Incredible New Species Discovered  What? THIRD PARTIES EMERGE. Buh bye Tea Party. Well, you weren't even a party, really.

Vanity Fair On The 'Real' McCain: 'A Ruthless And Self-Centered Survivor'  What an asshole. If ever anyone qualifies for 'asshole of the century', McCain is it. Forget all the POW shit and Mavericky stuff...the man is a charlatan. Thassit. 

Karen Owen's Duke Sex-Rating PowerPoint Goes Viral (VIDEO)   Oh, Hurray! Finally, a worthy story.  Some puerile jealous female wrote: "...the overall glorification of Karen Owen's PowerPoint and the implied sentiment that it was an act of sexual liberation equates "shattering the glass ceiling" with humiliating members of the opposite sex. Why should we congratulate Karen Owen for subjecting men to the objectification, embarrassment and harassment that women have fought against for years." Whaaaat?? You're against this, WHY??? What an asshole. Oh I forgot she dissed a dude for being CANADIAN! What a jerkess.

And, that's it for the news this day Thursday, October 7, 2010...almost Friday, October 8 and more asinine news stories.  TTFN (ta ta for now)...








Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Presidency SAVED!

This morning President Obama signed what is being called the Health Care Reform bill. Phew. But what I'm feeling is exactly what Dennis Kucinich wrote, in an article in Esquire, about his decision to support the bill. Happy that it passed, because if it didn't, Obama's presidency would have been dealt a severe/death blow and this was an historical moment after 100 years of trying to do something about health care reform. As much as I am at odds with many of the administration's policies, I certainly don't want it paralyzed for the next three years. Too bad the reason for supporting it, though, is "think of the alternative". All you have to do is hear one minute of the loonie right and braindead Republicans to feel grateful we have a Democratic President and Democratic MAJORITY in office.  

So, just to be clear, this bill that was painstakingly signed today, after a tortuous year of smoke and mirrors, is not a health care reform bill by any stretch of the imagination. As Nalini Chilkov wrote this morning, "Let's Be Honest: Health Insurance Reform is Health Care Reform". While the Republicans ponder how to repeal the bill and support, in their silence, their nefarious disgusting shout outs, racial and homophobic slurs in the hope that their negative strategy will stir Americans' family values, as they puzzlingly crawl their way to taking what they believe is the high road (which they self-righteously believe they're on), Democrats all over the nation should now be working hard to get single payer systems in their home states. Single payer is the only way to reduce costs, cover everyone and get rid of the insurance companies once and for all. Learn about single payer here: California One Care has a comprehensive strategy for getting single payer in California. And, as we know, as California goes, so goes the rest of the world!

There is much work to do to fix the bill that just passed. Ahead are contentious years of trying to fix this bill to get it to where single payer already is. So much wasted energy bobbing and weaving lobbyists, making backroom deals, tense confrontations with opponents when all of that same energy could be put toward creating a viable single payer system instead of creating mystifying bandaid solutions along the way. 

Oh, it would be ever so nice if OFA decided to put its millions of grassroots troops and organizers behind single payer (I sound like a broken record and will continue to do so) and make a real contribution to President Obama's agenda. After all, Obama did say that single payer was the only way to go...once the Dems took back the White House, took back the Senate, took back the House. And Voila! We have done all of that...and now we have a bill that slightly regulates insurance companies and does nothing for health care, preventative or otherwise. What a victory.

Get to work! Please.

UPDATE: I just got a text from President Obama - bet you did, too - calling this bill a Health Insurance Reform bill confirming my post.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of Obama

So I watched the State of the Union, and it felt like I was watching a campaign speech. Sadly, I find it hard to put much stock in anything Obama says...I want to see action. Trying the bipartisanship tact again was a joke except that it might have made the Repubs laff uncomfortably for a second.

A big thing I wish Obama would do is look straight ahead when speaking to the people. I understand the whole tele-prompter thingy but, for god's sake, look us straight in the eye. He did it for about 2 seconds toward the end of the speech but other than that it was left right left right all night long. It would have been so much more effective if he actually talked to 'us'. He did it in the 2004 speech and look what happened! As for any proposals, time will tell. Still waiting for some cajones. Progressive cajones. Yawn.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Palin Effect

Oh my, this old quote keeps rearing its ugly head: "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory"'s almost a mantra for Democrats. And now, the gnashing of teeth and wailing by people "shocked" that Scott Brown beat Martha Coakley, and coming up with every possible scenario about why the election went the way it did. One of the most puzzling blame games is pointing the finger at progressives for party infighting and bickering...and this by an Obama supporter: "...I blame it on liberals bashing Obama and the Dems constantly. Nice going guys. When will we ever learn? When you WIN you don't criticize your leader..." Huh? Hard to even deconstruct that or figure out how it even applies to Massachusetts. Are we all just supposed to march in step once the revered leader is elected? In fact, if Obama had listened to progressives, and not to the voices in his head imploring him to kowtow to the 'right', to Wall Street, to big PhARMA, to Tim Geithner & Larry Summers, for a start, perhaps people wouldn't be so pissed off because they didn't get the ballsy change they voted for...and that includes the much heralded Independents and Decline to State(ers) (me) who voted for Obama.

Here's the thing: Independents and Decline to State voters knew exactly what they were voting for when they voted for Obama...for the carrot that he dangled, and never refuted, that promised CHANGE - change in the way politics is done in Washington. We understood what that 'change' meant, or thought we did. It meant grappling with the Bush legacy that he dumped on us, and hey - to take a page from the Bush playbook - take the bull by the horns and get stuff DONE. But, you know what? Come to think of it, the only change I wanted were policy changes...I'm now down with the way Bush rammed his agenda through Congress. Since Obama has kept many of Bushes policies in place, why can't he just govern like him - except for progressive policy change? Once again, I refer to my post that I wrote 55 days into the administration: Note to Obama: Govern Like You're a One Term President THAT's what people are angry about, not that they want MORE compromise with a move to the center. They want real, visceral change…one that you can almost hold in your hand and say, “See this? Last year, people in the military couldn’t be their honest selves. Now, after the CHANGE, people can be their honest selves out in the open and not get discharged.” Or, “On this hand, last year, banks wouldn’t give people the time of day. This year’s CHANGE, banks are helping people out with their mortgages, giving small business loans, waiving unfair banking fees, and more people are actually banking again.” And one more. Scene One. People yelling happily in the street: “I’ve got a JOB!” That would be real change.

Anyway, so, along comes a good looking guy, in the now famous truck, glad-handing and gettin' down with the people. Hmmmm, sounds like a winning formula...kind of like Sarah Palin...a good looking dame who connected with the people. First thing, if either of these folks had looked like Quasimodo, they wouldn't be where they are today. Oh come on, yes, it's superficial, but it's true. And the folksy approach obviously connects with voters who feel so disenfranchised that they hunger for a little attention from someone, anyone that they think might listen to their woes. What is interesting about this strategy is that it is now the Republicans who have co-opted the populist approach, and it’s the Democrats who are now looked at as the elite, friends of bankers and Wall Street (thank you, Obama) that used to be symbolized by the Republicans. Oh my. Things have indeed changed…just not the way we wanted.

Last bit: I hope Obama invites Scott Brown over for beer and maybe a game of basketball. Make friends with him. Invite the family too and have Ayala sing for the girls. Diffuse the potential animus. “Obama, pal around with Scott. Go for a ride in the truck, loosen up. That's the kind of bipartisanship we Independents will understand.” And so will the PR machine.