Thursday, March 12, 2015

It's All About Sex, Obama And The White Men In Congress

Can you say "I hate America" more effectively than the 47 patriotic senators who meddled in, and endangered, the foreign policy of the United States of America by sending a stupid letter to the government of Iran? These people are so confused, they run around like rats in a maze. They are the ones who "hate America" with their irresponsible provocation. The subtext, of course, to their attempt to be pen pals with the mullahs was, "We hate Barack Obama so much that we'll do anything to humiliate him and take down his black ass." Secretly, no openly, they probably support Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the notorious SAE, at least in spirit, and no doubt are wondering what the hell is wrong with students singing that funny little song? You know these people have lynching in their hearts.

Racism is a bottomless pit of American anxiety and it looks like there is no magical medication to assuage the disease. No matter how much is written, discussed, preached and Facebooked about it, racism seems to be embedded in the human psyche in a way that defies exorcism. And that brings me to my question and my point.

Why do right-wingers and neocons in Congress hate Obama so much? Racism is the obvious answer but let's take a look at who these people are -- mostly pathetic white men. Let's take a look at Obama -- handsome, smart, virile. Oh, and he's black. This is the scary Myth come true for them. So my point is: it's all about sex. And race.

Whether having it, getting it, thinking about it, viewing it, wishing for it, condemning it, it doesn't take an anthropologist to understand that sex is top-of-mind for most of the human species. Sex is everywhere in our popular culture, in our faces on television, in movies, billboards, magazines – you know the drill - but the fact that sex sells must be because it 'appeals' to us. Many humans are one step away from behaving like bonobos but are reined in by trying to be civilized. Our lives are lived between sexual encounters. An exception is if you're a smoker, then you live your life between cigarettes which, if you're addicted, even trumps sex. But I digress.

So, these horrible white men who pretend they are doing work in Congress, are first and foremost males, thinking about sex (you know they are) who see this powerful black man -- and powerful, too, in a way that challenges their very existence, for he is President and they are not -- combined with his persona, the animus for him, so deep, that all they can do is lash out every chance they get to protect their pathetic manhood. I won't even go into the whole penis thing...dealing with the realization that Obama even exists is enough for these babies to handle before they explode.

Plus the fact that women, in droves, voted for Obama isn't lost on these puerile Christians. The spectre of a sexy, charming Obama (remember that picture of him in his swimsuit stepping out of the surf in Hawaii all brawny and fit!) looms over them while women swoon over this heavenly black man. And, to prove their love, women went to the polls to vote for him to be their President, a direct kick in the groin for these men. And now when women write about Obama, it is totally personal as in, "I am so glad he is my President!" "Thank you, my President!" I have seen this over and over and married or not, women would give it up for a fling with their President. Men are all too aware of it, aware of the competition. The threat. Of this black man. Doesn’t he know his place?

Of course, we can't leave out the special hostility men have for Michelle Obama but that is a whole other ball of Gordian Knots. Suffice it to say, I believe these whiny, tortured white men would rather be water-boarded than have a black family in the White House and a black woman as First Lady. 

So, yes, right-wingers, neocons and Libertarians do everything to stymie Obama with their special brand of racism, kicked up several notches, to take down The Man and keep him away from their women. They act out in ways that are even totally against their proclaimed 'love for America'. Their record for protecting civil rights and social justice issues is abysmal. So fearful are they that they have decided their strategy is to accomplish nothing so they can protect what little manhood they can claim. Smells like white man's self-hatred to me.

Poor little white men. All twisted in knots. Can you imagine when we have a woman President.  Kind of hard to imagine men writing about “my President” then…
The white man is, and has always been, his own worst enemy:
The American white man's malignant superiority complex has done him more harm than an invading army. [Malcolm X, p 317, Autobiography]