Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Top Ten Careers for Little Barron Trump

Little Barron Trump has been blessed with THE BEST parents EVER! You couldn't ask for better parents! They have set such a high bar! In fact, they are going to start THE BEST, WINNINGEST parenting school in THE WORLD! And because Little Barron has had such exemplary models of what it means to be an adult, career opportunities galore await this "Little Donald", as his mum likes to call him*.

Peering into the crystal ball of Trumpland, after Little Barron graduates from high school, his father, the NEVER PRESIDENT, will threaten Wharton to accept his prodigy progeny or he'll set the school on fire. Unlikely to succeed at either getting Little Barron into the school (Wharton students and staff hate Trump) or at setting the school on fire as Trump's squinty eye, teensy hand coordination isn't too good and a potential scenario would that his whole sugary mop catches a spark and sets his well-tended coif on fire leaving Little Barron to attend the only school that he could get into - Trump U.

After graduating with a highly regarded degree in cronyism, the world will be his oyster! Here are the top ten careers that Little Barron's Life With Father (and Mother) have him supremely suited for along with his degree. I'm sure there are many more careers at which he would excel and be THE BEST but these shall suffice for now.
  1. Hairdresser
  2. Speechwriter
  3. Wall builder
  4. LGBTQ social worker
  5. Fixer
  6. Admissions admin at Trump U.
  7. Gynecologist
  8. Border patrol officer
  9. Dealer at casino
  10. Shrink
If none of these work out, he can always go into politics.

    * Inquisitr March 15, 2016 Be sure and read this...it's quite instructive