Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A General's Gotta Do What A General's Gotta Do

Hey, c'mon, since the General, Petraeus in this case, is in charge of rallying the troops and keeping up their morale, who in the world do you think is going to rally the General and keep up his morale, eh? Ok, so now we know. Oh, I should have made that 'Generals' as we now know there was another General, General Allen, whose morale also needed keeping up. Look, these guys have a very stressful job and they're entitled to a little R&R. No judgement.

But I bet there is one person who is kicking herself as a spy with a lost opportunity. The sizzling, red-hot Russian spy, the sultry Anna Chapman, a modern day Mata Hari, could have had a field day with these guys. She probably didn't think that the military was so easy to infiltrate. Instead, she was relegated to impersonating a downtown 'vivacious vixen' as The Post called her. Maybe next time.

So, I guess that's where the troubling part comes in. Certainly it can't be a man's personal life - that's his business - but when his personal business plus the business he's in = the military, then some pretty serious slip-ups can happen. "Why just reading your email, Sir Loves-A-Lot! No biggie. Oh my, but that is! (sultry smile) Say, just tell me the code for ________ and then let's drop a few 'bombs'..."

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