Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hillraisers behaving like Hillbrats

Okay, this is news, right? OBAMA FACES RESISTANCE FROM TOP SUPPORTERS OF CLINTON is a headline from an article in the Wall St. Journal: http://tinyurl.com/5qzcra. You really must read it...it's about all of these little Marie Antoinettes running around starting PACs and websites, pretending to be political operatives while wielding their checkbooks like sabres so they can withhold their big bucks and punish Obama for winning the nomination.

This should have been published in Psychology Today. The narcissism and audacity of moneyed donors having a hissy fit because their goddess didn't win, is just too much as they are trying to create a hostage situation with their big bucks. Did I say goddess? Just take a look at the header on a website created just 4 them...actually the website is: http://together4us.com/index.html (notice the narcissistic "4 us"...not 4 ‘you’, the little people) The idolatrous, photo shopped pic of Hillary is amusing given the following quote representative of her cultish supporters snarling about gender bias:
"Susie Tompkins Buell, a Hillraiser from San Francisco, said, "What really hurt women the most was to look back and see all this gender bias." Is she kidding? If they are so concerned about gender representation, then why oh why don't they put up a photo of the real Hill, battle scars 'n all? She's earned them. They should be proud of the way she looks. They’ve criticized others who have commented on her looks…why are they idealizing her? It's just weird. The website was created by Lynn Forester de Rothschild, an alleged businesswoman and Hillraiser, who portrays herself as Lady de Rothschild on the website. Talk about delusions of grandeur.

It's almost funny, but it's not because, worse than that, is the notion that they believe 'money doesn't talk, it screams'. And they are seriously talking about voting for McCain. Can you believe it? Twisted psyches go against their self-interest when they throw a tantrum and don't get their own way. So, McCain trots out his token high profile female, Carly Fiorina, to chat with the ladies and see how he can best hypnotize them into voting for him. They might feel a tad inferior, though, unless they can match racking up Cindy's $750,000 in one month credit card spree.

And then, there's the enchanting Daphna Ziman who started an action committee called Women's Empowerment because
"Financially, "we don't want Hillary Clinton to be politically obligated to anyone, including Barack Obama," Ms. Ziman said." That sounds like feminist independence to me...but, who is Ms. Ziman financially dependent on that enables her to wield such illusory power?

The final straw, for them of course, is that these Hillbrats are not being treated with kid gloves. They call Obama 'aloof'.
"But it is precisely this attitude that turns off some former Clinton donors, who were used to being treated to private audiences with the former first lady and her husband and exclusive events during campaign stops." If ever there was an example of a class divide, this is it. First of all, why don’t they give the guy a break and leave him alone so that he can give all his attention to running for President…so he can WIN. But, nooooooooooo, it’s all about ‘me’. They’re like school kids frantically waving their ‘hands up’ to be noticed, but it’s true…this is what they’ve earned all that money for…a tiny bit of recognition. I won’t even touch ‘ego’.

I know, I know. I sound embittered because you think I’m standing outside the tent. But that would be wrong. I’m pissed. I'm pissed because this jockeying for attention is a distraction and time sucker as far as the campaign is concerned. Operatives have to spend valuable time scurrying around to stroke these Hillbrats into submission. Oh god, I just want to scream, "Crybabies!"

Hey, I’ve been inside the tent, but I so prefer to be outside where the power really is, where the soul of the campaign, the grassroots movement is, where we sweat and slog, and often put our lives on hold so that we can do the essential work on the ground, day after day, for FREE. We don’t even get a signed baseball card. And we give money. Lots of money. We’re happy to do it, to do our bit to help effect real, concrete change from the misery of the last eight years. And we’re not whining. I have often said that it takes 10 seconds to write a cheque, but I/we’ve been on the ground for one year and five months now. And, irony of ironies, these Hillbrats will be the beneficiaries of our hard work when Obama is elected. Honestly, I don’t know how they can run into the arms of McCain…yuck, but they're used to selling themselves.

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Great post Judi! Keep up the contrarian bitch/in!