Saturday, July 5, 2008

Like It Or Not...Here I Am

Oh god, I've joined the bloggosphere. It's humiliating. Now, I'm just like every sap who thinks their opinion comes the unknowable depths of their singular genius. Yikes. But, since going to Camp Obama last summer turned me from a contrarian bitch...ok not exactly a bitch, but a sneering, anti-authoritarian recusant...into a loving, near touch-feely team player, I'm feeling okay about this. Besides, I want the world to see how bloody smart I am, too.

So, welcome, and I look forward to your comments, be they rebuttals, verbose exhortations, acute analysis, or pointedly clever remarks...just, please, not too much slime...even a computer's feelings can get hurt.

Hey, you should visit my last blog, and singular post, from way back in 2005, when I also thought I might become a blogger. So, a post once every 3 years...try it, you'll like it:


Anonymous said...

i feel a big hug coming on...for your computer...i look forward to your insight and outlook which i hope will be more regular...bitch, bitch, bitch...i'm already hooked...

lindy said...

hey judi! i think this is great and i look forward to ranting with you :)