Thursday, July 10, 2008

OK. Enough Already. FISA Go Away.

I'm so over it. FISA. I have spent waaaay too much time sending out tortured emails, reading interesting blogs and idiotic blogs, reading their comments, wailing about character and courage, listening to Russ Feingold, sending Russ Feingold money, defending my position, and I'VE HAD IT. The only good thing to come out it is that my son has been regularly emailing me. Man, I'm exhausted.

People are spinning this to death, trying to make sense out of Obama's reversal and his vote; projecting on to him a 'higher purpose' to make such a bitter pill digestible. Listen, why not not spin it, accept that he made a gigantic mistake, twice. To me there is no possible excuse for what he did. Period.

That said, here's where I stand: I am moving on. Getting ready for the next fish fry. And, still working my heart out to get Obama elected. I have written about my 'marriage' to Obama, and I will put this down as having our first huge fight, doors slammed, I hid his flag pin, and I stalked out. Now I'm back.

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