Saturday, August 23, 2008


I'm here in Denver, and from the moment I got off the plane, you knew you were at the Dem convention. Obama and/or Dem logos are plastered on everybody and everything...t-shirts, signage welcoming delegates and conventioneers, the welcome committee and helpful volunteers wearing convention ID's, everybody all set for the big deal. Airport security is tight with killer dogs, and cops, ready for anything. I doubt if there is Republican left in this city. If they had to stay, they're probably covered in hives.

Haven't hit downtown yet, but will keep you posted on important stuff like celeb and politico sightings, and general goings-on. I feel like we're starting out on our best behavior, smiling, and thumbs-upping perfect strangers cause now we're all on the same page...or most of us, anyway. The Hillbrats are probably walking around with intense, glum sourpusses etched on their battle-weary faces, itching for a fight, ready to explode in a hissy-fit majoris. They'll be easily identified as the only people not wearing Obama gear.

Ok, I've gotta go...leaving for downtown to check things out...see ya later then!

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