Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain Beyond PTSD

Stunningly revelatory, today John McCain referred to fellow citizens as 'fellow prisoners'. I won't even say 'mistakenly said' because it's beyond that. John McCain lives in an alternate reality that obviously includes flashbacks to his celebrated days as a POW. And, adding insult to injury (his mental state), he followed that with, "....and now the same standard of clarity and candor must be applied to my opponent." Sounds like he's entreating Obama to join him in the nut house. Watch it here:

You'll notice that there isn't even a moment's hesitation or recognition that he misspoke. Palin and McCain's daughter (I think it's his daughter) are standing behind him, and an ever so slightly nonplussed look washes over their faces. Did he mean to say that? That we are all prisoners of this economic crisis? If that's what he meant, then he was positively poetic, but somehow, he just doesn't seem the poetic type. More like an ever more bewildered old man lost in the wilderness of his jumbled mind, completely out of touch with any sense of personal integrity or moral compass. Something broke inside McCain, and it's ugly to watch someone who was once considered a man of honor, morph into a caricature of a man he probably never thought he'd become.

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