Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seven Beautiful Words*

* seven being a nod to George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words...these words, however, are like a breath of delicious cool air that soothe the heat of the angst of the last eight years. Here's the yin to Carlin's yang:

The Obama Administration
First Lady Michelle Obama
Obama's Inauguration
Tickets to Obama's Inauguration
First Children Malia and Sasha Obama
The First Family
The Obama Administration
The Obama Administration
The Obama White House Team

Okay, I took a little license here...there are ten, and I'm sure a whole lot more. Bring 'em on. Music to the ears.

Soon, I will never again have to turn down the sound of my radio when I hear that air sucking, sibilant, nasal Bush voice of his on the air...and which never fails to conjure Alfred E. Newman. I will never again have to flip the channel when Bush and his cronies dirty up the screen...and who ALL should be starring on MSNBC's Lock-Up instead of spouting bulls**t from the deep recesses of their neanderthal brains (apologies to neanderthals). I will never again have to weep at the asinine stupidity (can never be too redundant here) of the Bush/Cheney manifesto to steal America.

Let's make sure that the likes of these criminals never 'grace' our national stage again. Please, Bushies, just go away.

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