Thursday, December 18, 2008

Senator Kennedy I Presume?

I was googling the words 'disgraced', 'corrupt', 'indicted', 'impeached', 'financiers', 'politicians', 'CEO's', and so on, as I wanted to try and get a count to include in this post; but, lo and behold, the numbers are mind-boggling. The people who, We The People, entrust to represent us in the marketplace or the halls of government and justice, do so with blind faith, and spend little time digging beyond the media and public relations representation of those people. Do we get what we deserve for not holding our representatives accountable? What I do know is that WE need to take more responsibility for who we elect to office, who we place our money with, who we reward with celebrity, who we accept at face value when we intuitively know better. Ideology be somewhat damned...good ole fashioned honesty should be our benchmark. Here are just a couple of organizations that monitor corruption close to home and internationally, and check out, or START a citizen watchdog group of your own:
international group:

So, where does Caroline Kennedy come into this? Aside from all of the arguments that she doesn't have the experience, hasn't been elected to office, etc., as have many current 'experienced' senators when they started out, Caroline Kennedy doesn't have any tainted baggage, and, I would venture to say, would be incorruptible. That alone makes her qualified. Ok, aside from political chits she may have to pay back. But, how refreshing to have someone who hasn't been in 'the game' and who can bring a fresh perspective to the problems that will be facing her as senator. My only question about her candidacy is whether she has the stamina, and fire in the belly, to withstand the media onslaught that will be sure to dog her forever.

So, even though we have elected a straightforward, honest, transparent President, Barack Obama, We The People, cannot just sit back and expect that, all of a sudden, everyone will drink truth serum and become honest, upstanding citizens. We need to take responsibility, join a watchdog group, and hold these people accountable.

In t
he famous words of Howard Beale: "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore." This should be the rallying cry of every concerned citizen. It is amazing how this rant withstands the test of could have been filmed yesterday. To help us keep up the outrage, and remind us of our stake in governance, let's watch this every so often, and let's get out of our chairs and 'walk the walk':

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