Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Obama and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

YIKES! Could it be worse? Two tax dodgers resign from nominations put forth by the super duper vetting machine of the Obama campaign. Wait. Don't forget...there was more. Remember Big Bill Richardson resigned from his Commerce nomination under a scandalous cloud that everybody who was anybody knew about for years. Ok, so it might not have been that exact misdeed, but there were plenty of treacherous alliances, shall we say, that should have raised the red flag. How the hell did he get vetted? Lucky Tim Geithner, for Treasury Secretary, squeaked through with his tax 'mistake' mea culpa. Puhlease.

Okay, everybody cheats on their taxes; everybody hateshateshates to pay taxes, but for crying out loud, if you're a politician, shouldn't you be very, very sure your ass is covered in taxes? Yes, of course, nobody's perfect...least of all the vetting team. Wasn't Caroline Kennedy supposed to be vetting people? Or was that just for VP? Where's Donald Trump when you need to fire everyone?

And, of all the people who have made it through the nomination/confirmation process, the very one you would have thought would trip up enough alarm bells to bring out the Washington Fire Department, our Madam Secretary, Hillary Clinton...of all people...sailed through without nary a hair out of place. Awesome. You go girl! Side bar: I think Hillary will do a fantastic job.

This mess has got to stop. Obama stopped the bleeding and took responsibility for the 'mistakes'...don't you just love that word, 'mistakes'...hey, where were the IRS with these 'mistakes'? I gotta remember that...'mistakes' is the new 'sorry'. Anyway, I hope Obama is leaving his cool at the door and giving his team a piece of his mind. The Red Party must be popping the champagne corks. But really, they are still way ahead of us on scandals and corruptions. Compared to them, this is small time stuff. (I know I'm ranting.) Anyway, Obama had better get his ship in shape. This is beginning to look like the Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight.


obamaca said...

i share your outrage! Who are the idiots doing the "vetting"????!!!

carla said...

I think this might have been the kindest words about hilary I've ever heard uttered by you!

carla said...

I think those may have been the kindest words I've ever heard you utter about Hillary!

joyful17 said...

Wait a minute. Don't these guys have accountants????
Like..yo, have you given us ALL your receipts??
Vet, shmet...what a day..glued to the bloody telly AGAIN!