Monday, August 19, 2013

Making the Case FOR Mayor Bob Filner, Douchebag Politician

Should Bob Filner Resign? 81 Percent Of San Diego Says Yes, According To New Poll

You've undoubtedly heard of Bob Filner, Horndog Mayor of San Diego, accused by 16 women of sexual harassment. So what else is new for - can I lump them altogether? - douchbag politicians? It's almost a DNA prerequisite. I'll pose a 'Passover question': Why is this politician different from every other douchebag politician? Answers?

Hey, Arnold Schwarzenegger was an incompetent, female groping, sexual predator and was elected fricking Governor of this state. Why target Filner?  Republicans seem to be so much more 'forgiving', shall we say, than Democrats. There is no political reward for self-righteousness. So far there are no claims that he had a baby with his housekeeper. Look at that as a positive. And this may not be the most popular question to ask, but in his 20 years in Congress, where were these 16 women, or others, he may have harassed? In Congress, this behavior is de riguer so no one thinks twice about it. Where is Congressional HR for CongressMEN? Shouldn't there be intensive sexual harassment training? 

There is no excuse for disgusting behavior. Period. But if we removed every politician accused of a sex scandal, we'd have almost no one left. Which may not be the worst thing really. But I digress. 

Here's my case FOR Bob Filner: Mayor Filner is a PROGRESSIVE and San Diego is in a transition period of being old school conservative to modern progressive and Filner has actually accomplished good things for the city. So, he's our douchebag and, as such, should not resign.

Herewith, Filner's own statement of his not inconsiderable achievements, in his 8 months in office:

We have moved toward the vision of producing thousands of middle-class jobs in our port creating a solar-based City to enhance our environment and create jobs; building an efficient international border to bring billions of dollars into our economy; keeping our military and hi-tech sectors strong and vibrant.
We have produced a creative vision for our Balboa Park Centennial which will make it more accessible and beautiful for our citizens and bring millions of tourists to San Diego. Balboa Park’s Plaza De Panama is at last free of automobiles and will transform the pedestrian experience for the next century.
We have brought world class urban thinkers to transform our neighborhoods into livable, walkable and bikeable adventures. Neighborhood leaders feel a new sense of empowerment and excitement!
We have put millions of new dollars to bring the City’s arts and culture to new levels; our river park systems are experiencing new growth; our homeless population and military veterans have new hope for jobs and self-respect; we are spending more dollars on our road infrastructure than ever before.
We negotiated a five-year labor agreement which brings new stability, hope, and respect for our City employees. Our working people see new hope for livable wages. The expansion of the Convention Center will bring thousands of jobs and millions of tourists to San Diego. Our position as one of the biggest bi-national metropolitan areas in the world promises new trade, new cultural interchanges and new possibilities. 
We are developing a proposal for the first bi-national Summer Olympics in world history for 2024! 

You go, Mayor! But keep your hands and your mouth to yourself. Hope your stint in rehab was miraculous and you've traded in your horndoginess for sainthood. 

Fun facts: 
"Filner used the sexual harassment scandal of a disgraced former congressman — who was previously Filner’s boss — to win a contested Democratic congressional primary in 1992. At the time, Filner was a San Diego city councilman with larger ambitions. Filner had just been elected deputy mayor, but he had his eyes set on a San Diego congressional seat that had previously been held by Democrat Jim Bates. Filner, a long-time congressional staffer, had actually worked for Bates in his congressional office in 1984."

And here's a list of federal political sex scandals in the United States, and there are plenty, from 1776 - 2013:




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