Saturday, February 20, 2016

Vaginistas Not Ruling My Ladyparts Insisting I Vote For Hillary

Women's Support of Hillary Clinton From 8 Years Ago A Flip-Flop?

If you're a newsjunkie like I am, then you are well aware of the feminist war between 'voting with your vagina' dissidents and Hillary loyalists who want to send those dissidents to hell for not supporting a woman because of her anatomy. The argument for being able to think for yourself, despite your gender, is one that is mysteriously overruled by the Vaginistas as they believe a woman's duty is to blindly support other women. Kind of ironic for people who call themselves feminists.

Having been an Obama supporter from Day One when he announced in January '07, I volunteered for two years along with the most remarkable grassroots organization - grown from seed - and amazing people who dedicated all their free time volunteering to elect Barack Obama. In our group, Obamawood(!), we spent every single primary election together, cheering and crying with joy when our candidate won and spent election night together getting seriously drunk with happiness.

The women volunteering for Obama were perhaps not all Hillary Haters but were squarely opposed to her candidacy because of all the reasons people are opposed to her now: untrustworthy, truth-bending, flip-flopping, elitism, 'inevitableness', hawkishness and not being in sync with her policies. I know first-hand. I was in the trenches with these women. We discussed why we wouldn't vote for Hillary. So, where along the way did those women suddenly switch-up and become fierce Hillary defenders? Did they just forget what they thought of her eight years ago? Did Hillary change that much that now all those shifty character traits have reversed course? Some say they've gotten worse. But what explains this change in perspective? Have those supporters values changed so much that they now think all those negatives, they so strongly believed in eight years ago, are acceptable? This totally baffles me.

I understand the power of personality. Obama was then, and now, an incredibly compelling, charismatic force of nature. He is irresistible and that could explain some of his support but that still doesn't clarify the 180 degree turn to now admiring Hillary, a woman these women previously scorned. It's true, "It's a women's prerogative to change her mind." and so it may be as simple as that. In this case, quite disheartening.

Here is a post of mine from the 2009...about how the women I was volunteering with felt about Hillary: From Naïve to Nobel

Once again, please tell me how women who couldn't stand Hillary when she ran for President now practically worship her. Ack, I'll leave it at that. Women. Sometimes I just don't understand them.

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