Wednesday, March 30, 2016

STOP ASKING If Bernie People Will Vote For Hillary If She's The Nominee

The anguished comments and wringing of hands by people who cannot imagine that if Hillary is the nominee - which she won't be - we, Bernie people, won't vote for her because we are selfish assholes who would rather watch this country go to hell in a handbasket than vote for her. They are sure Armageddon is just around the corner come November.

Frankly, this is the most insensitive, ridiculous question to ask of people who are giving their hearts and souls and money and time to a candidate they fully support and believe in and will work for til the last stolen vote is counted. It's downright insulting. Hark, the self-righteous 'tone' (new buzzword) of the Hillary camp in demanding a 'yes' as the only acceptable answer.

I don't blame Susan Sarandon for giving an oblique and questionable answer to Chris Hayes when he stared her down to ask her if she would vote for Hillary in the general if she were the nominee. And Chris Hayes was incredulous when Susan Sarandon's answer wasn't a direct 'yes'. Why should anyone capitulate at this point? The campaigns are still going full blast with Bernie on Hillary's desperate, scampering heels. This thing is far from over.

You know what this question is like? It's like you knowing your friend's significant other has cancer and is about to die and you ask, "So, have you thought about who you're going to date after the funeral?" Fuck those people. I'm voting for Bernie. Period.

And, in conclusion, there is no foregone conclusion. Voting is personal and no, I don't want a President Trump.


WoofyOne said...

Brilliant piece! I'm a lifelong Republican, and, I'm pissed off at the spectacle right now of whose nude, slutty wife is prettier - Trump or Cruz? But, I'm even more pissed off at the shaft Bernie Sanders is getting from the DNC, Hillary Clinton and their cheerleaders in the MSM. I feel bad for Bernie. I'm 53, semi-retired, I'm ok with my money, not worried about 70% tax rates (unlikely). Nevertheless, our future as a country is so uncertain right now. It's our younger people I'm worried for. What abut health care for everyone? Why not? Why not free college? Most advanced societies offer these. Why can't we? Bernie Sanders seems to be the most level headed candidate out there right now. Yet, the MSM continues to ignore him, and, the DNC & Hillary Clinton are screwing Bernie royally. It's a damn shame.

Judi Laing said...

Thank you! Welcome lifelong Republican. I'm sure there are quite a few more like that won't go along with the clowns run for the GOP nomination. It really is sad. But we have Bernie!!

Terri James said...

Perfect! Thanks, Judi

Shakeh Asfaw said...

Let's focus on the primary right now. Our energy should be focused on getting people to register and to vote. A lot more people need to hear and understand Bernie's message. No more half or backward steps, no more excuses to maintain the status quo.