Sunday, August 24, 2008


Denver Day Two and the convention hasn't even started...only Day Two of my being here, and it was a beautiful day indeed.This is gonna be quick, and pedestrian, because it's really late and I have to be up to volunteer for the California delegation at 7AM.

Funny sighting: a 'didn't get the memo' conventioneer wearing a Gravel t-shirt earnestly telling someone why he still matters. Now that's Hope.

Saw a group of Mennonites, seriously and beautifully, singing peace hymns as old and young hippies, bikers, tenacious activists, and a couple of goths, thrown in for good measure, gathered for a good ole peace march while police in riot gear and on horseback, made their presence known. In fact, it looked like there were more of them than the protesters. The peace parade eventually made its way to the Pepsi center (the convention site) where they apparently blocked traffic for a few hours, irritating the media folks who couldn't get inside to do their setups, no way no how.

Went 'undercover' to a cell meeting of Hillary supporters who met in a small room in the basement of a kind of nice restaurant. God knows what nefarious stuff they were cooking up, but the whole thing was rather lacking sexy energy, and so we left. That was disappointing cause I was hoping to invade a coven of harridans but they didn't look angry or anything....just tired. Apparently they're planning to make a big to-do at the convention though. Pathetic.

Then went on to a panel discussion of Live from Main Street...some progressive blah blah, but I was there mostly to see who was there, and I scored BIG...saw Rachel Maddow, who is cute as a button. She saw me taking a picture of her so she waved. Listen, I've got a bunch of pictures of everything, but I'm not on my computer and I don't have the time, right now, to download, etc. so hope you can wait to see them.

I just saw what time it is, so I've gotta go...will have to finish up tomorrow. Til then.

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