Saturday, August 30, 2008

"McCain and Granddaughter Stump for Presidency"

AP Wire
What a thrill for little Sarah Palin to have been chosen by her "Pappy", as she calls him, to help him run for the Presidency of the USA. When asked if he was her grandpa on her mother's or her father's side, Sarah looked perplexed and said, "Why, that's a great question. I've never seen him before. I'll have my staff check into that."

This VP choice by McCain really reflects the strong family values he represents as it shows how much he trusts his very own grandchild to step into the Presidency should he bump his head real hard this time, or should another pesky melanoma bubble to the surface. McCain, though, was somewhat confused when a reporter asked him if this granddaughter was on his first, dumped wife's side or drug rehabbed Cindy's, and he referred us to his staff.

Unspecified sources have revealed that little Sarah is going to quickly morph into a policy expert by cutting her hair, dyeing it blond, and start to wear butter yellow pantsuits. The expectation is that stupid people, the media for example, will think she's Hillary Clinton, and will applaud Pappy for the one lucid moment he had when he appointed his granddaughter, little Sarah "Hillary Clinton" Palin, Vice President.

Addressing the issue of experience, McCain put on his best piranha smile and explained that Sarah was enrolled in a class in foreign affairs at The Learning Annex; and, since she is so smart, expects her to graduate at the top of her class. Phew. That assuaged the media completely, and they felt that they did not have to dig deeper for more of Sarah's experience credentials. Well, let's hope she graduates with flying colors!

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