Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Age of Aquarius?

Instead of looking at the 'bailout catastrophe' as the end of the world, why not see it as the beginning a new world order? Without hyperbole, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to right the egregious imbalance of the 'haves' and 'have nots' or 'haves very little'. First of all, there is no need to rush to pass a troubled, "less than perfect" bill just to appease the fat cats without considering creative, viable alternatives. And that takes time. Time that, in the end, would prove time well spent to come up with solutions that make sense for everybody.

This doesn't mean that Karl Marx would be riding into town, that there would be an automatic redistribution of wealth - although it would be nice, but an equitable solution could bring people at the top, down to earth - well, they'd still be hovering above ground, for sure - and would, at least, give people who are struggling, a sense that their concerns are being addressed, and dealt with.

My hope is that Obama takes a real leadership role in this, has the courage to not cowtow to pressure from Wall Street, but does, indeed, take the principled stand to stand up for Main Street (new buzz words).

I have believed in Obama, the man (not his every stance on issues) as have millions of others, and I have volunteered for him from the very first day he announced his candidacy to run for President, opining that with his ascension to President, we might all rise to become our better selves...that materialism, greed, and abject self-interest would drown in the Swamp of Avarice,
and penury would be offered a helping hand. We can see the Age of Aquarius just peeking over the horizon...all we have to do is have the fortitude to not succumb to the forces at the top, to those who want to keep their status quo while not improving ours.

Here is our opportunity to right the ark...the ark that is so lopsided that it is in danger of sinking with the majority going down first while the 'ruling class' at the top claws desperately to try and save themselves by clinging to the rotten starboard rails.

Here's your chance to be heroic, Obama. Be the White/Black Knight that gallops onto stage left, and "saves the day!" Bring all sides together, as you say you're good at, and don't leave the stage until you have brokered a sensible bill. The Age of Aquarius is depending on you.

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notes from the music box steps said...

i'm singing hallelujah with ya, my sister