Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sarah Palin ...You're Not in Alaska Anymore

Gawd, can I just say how sick I am of this whole debate 'low bar', 'raising the bar', winning without a 'bar', talking heads blabbering on about who's gonna win the Biden/Palin debate...enough already. Let the debate begin!

Listen, pretend for a moment you're Sarah Palin. Really small town gal in the big city. How 'bout in a big country? And what about being on the World Stage? As clueless as she's appeared, Sarah's got to be thinking about how the eyes of the world will be on her. But, then again, maybe she's not, as her
misconstrued self-confidence glows like the halo of an impenetrable bubble of ignorance around her pretty little head. A bubble that filters the ways, and news, and facts of the outside world for her. She seems to live in a Wonderland of denial.

So, Sarah, you can snow people in Alaska, but the lower 48 actually read papers (is that elitist?) and have a pretty good idea of what's going on in the world; they may even know some facts. Hey, you're about to wake up and realize, "Sarah, you're not in Alaska anymore!" This is gonna be fun.

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