Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Stunning Hypocrisy of the GOP and How They Play the Game

Once again, the Republicans are masterfully spinning, what they would ordinarily find so reprehensible, into the proverbial Lemonade/Kool Aid. Can you imagine if one of Obama's daughters were 17, unmarried and pregnant? Or even if one of his, or Michelle's close relatives, were? The idea that having an unmarried, pregnant teen is a real family value that humanizes Palin, and puts her in touch with real families, is stunning in its concept, and the fact that the conservative base is swallowing this sugar-coated faux birth control pill is...well, I can't wrap my head around it.

That said, Dems better take note as so articulately stated in this article: LAKOFF: PALIN APPEALS TO VOTERS EMOTIONS...DEMS BEWARE:

And, I know this notion will raise it's "I told you so" head...that Hillary should have been the VP nominee, cause Sarah Palin probably would never have been nominated as the experience question would have been dead in the water. And, even on the daughter front, Chelsea vs. Bristol, would have made it hard to validate Bristol's fall from grace. But, there would be challenges with any VP nominee, and I believe Hillary would have energized the Republicans in another very ugly way. We were dealt this hand and so be it. By the way, did you notice how much Bristol's boyfriend looks like her dad?

While the spotlight is now on the Republicans, the real final bout of this election will come after the final convention curtain, and now is the time for Democrats to step out of their prissy comfort zone and fight back with cajones. The world is at stake.

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