Saturday, October 18, 2008

High Anxiety & a Potpourri of Other Observations

You know that expression "deer caught in the headlights" look on someone's face? Well, that's what people here in L.A. look like...a bunch of pod people almost paralyzed by the anxiety of reading the tea leaves of whatever poll Drudge dredges up to scare people. Really, the tension is palpable and you can see the wheels turning when thoughts stray to the possibility of what they should do if Obama loses: "Damn, which country should I move to? I only speak English. Ok, maybe a little Spanish. I knew I should have gone to Paris in my sophmore year...I'd so be speaking French.", "Should I reserve a mover now? God, I hope they don't rip me off.", "Should I sell or rent the house...shit the market's so down and who's gonna want to come and live here, anyway, if McPain is in charge? I should've sold last year. What a dumbass...", and so on.

Well, folks, just relax. I am. I am, because when I started to volunteer for Obama the day he announced, I KNEW he would be President. And that was when Hillary was a shoo-in, when blacks said a black man could never be elected, when Latinos were died-in-the-wool Hillary supporters who said they would never support a black man. Now, there is not one Latino that I have spoken to who is not voting for Obama.

We've come a long way, baby, and take my word for it, come November 5th, you will see headlines that trumpet, President-elect Barack Obama. If you must, drink your way through the next 12 days or take whatever drug gets you through, chant or don't listen to the news, but there is something constructive that you CAN do...HELP (YES YOU CAN!). Find a phone bank near you. Go to:, you'll see 5 options to VOLUNTEER. Do it. Find a phone bank near you and call call call those swing states, help those undecided voters decide to vote for Obama. You'll feel better rather than hiding under the sofa until November 4th.

As you know, you are not alone in your anxiety. Larry David knows just how you feel, cause he's feeling the same way:

speaking of undecideds, I ran into a friend of mine yesterday who was exasperated by the fact that there were any undecideds at this stage...for either candidate. As he said, what more do they need to know?! Then, coincidentally, the New Yorker had an article by David Sedaris about the very same thing...funny:

However, the other question that is most on people's minds is voter fraud, caging, suppression, and other nefarious methods the Republicans plan to use to steal this election. The best way to overcome any of that is to have the biggest voter turnout ever Ever EVER. The numbers need to be so big that they overcome any question about votes being counted. That's the first and most important factor. But, IF the race should be close, and there are suspicions or outright evidence of stealing votes, I guarantee there will be blood in the streets. Passivity is over, righteous action will prevail, and Republicans better be wearing their body armour. (This is not a threat...just a prediction.) That's why police in cities, far and wide, will be out there to tamp down any unrest. The police are often the provocateurs, so let's hope they don't ignite a firestorm if things don't go the 'right way' voting-wise.

And here's a creative twist...I was talking to another friend of mine about the disgusting McPain campaign, and he predicted that McCain is so desperate, and will do anything, that even McCain is going to endorse Obama hoping for a numbers bounce. Loved it.

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