Thursday, October 23, 2008

Palin Shopping Spree Sets Women Candidates Back 100 Years

For those of you following this blog, you know that I've already fumed about Palin being selected, unvetted, largely because of her looks (see post: Sarah Palin's Book Deal about the Beauty Myth), but now, with this absurd shopping spree, women candidates will be seen as high maintentance, requiring extra campaign funds to make them look men.

If Palin only had mukluks and flouncy dresses in her own closet, and they wanted to streamline her wardrobe, why not go to Target or Ross or thrift stores, where her compatriot hockey moms really go to shop?
And, oh, the family, too, has been all gussied up to appeal to the sophisticated Republican voters in the Lower Forty-Eight. What about that little Piper carrying a new Louis Vuitton bag? Are they serious?

Hey, you can you take the girl and her family out of Alaska, but can you take the Alaska out of the girl, or her family? Who knows. Palin's appearance on SNL gave her a taste of Hollywood, of life outside of, as we are reminded endlessly, the coldest state, and my guess is, she liked it, she really, really liked it. You know, hobnobbing with the cast, being told you're 'hot' by Alec Baldwin, all the new clothes, new exposure to life in the medium fast lane. Can she just Go Home Again and be the plain ole Sarah she once was? I doubt it.

But, this whole episode is great, really. It's just another brilliant, Republican revelation that shows just how out of touch they are...and have been...and will continue to be.

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