Thursday, October 30, 2008

McCain vetting Joe the Plumber for Cabinet position

The march to dumb down America has almost reached the nadir. I say 'almost', because I'm sure McCain still has a ways to go before he finally reaches the absolute depths of the shit he's in...up to his elbows and over his head. The only way to stop this man will be the election. Finally.

Now he's trotting out Joe the Fucking Plumber, who, by the way, isn't even a fucking plumber. McCain has elevated some doofus to the national stage and given him credibility as though he were some kind of oracle. In my post,
A Confederacy of Dunces, I wrote how the Republicans are glorifying averageness and ordinariness, and stigmatizing exceptionalism. So, here is Joe the Twit spouting off about how you should read and be informed when he can't even put two words together that convey an actual thought.

What a joke. Seriously, the next thing you know there'll be a Cabinet position created just for average Joes, and Joe the Schmoe will be the head of it. A lovely complement to Brownie...remember Brownie of Katrina fame? Book ends, the two of them.

I wish I had more time to write more of what's on my mind but these last weeks have been so intense for we volunteers, and I'm off to Colorado, tomorrow, to pound the pavement canvassing until Monday night. I don't yet have a laptop so I won't be able to write from there. I hope everyone is doing something productive these last few days - phone banking, canvassing, data entry, whatever's needed - as we get our final wind to get us through to the finish line.

Here's to VICTORY, and to the beginning of the age of aquarius (lower case as we want to manage our expectations). ONWARD!

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