Friday, April 29, 2011

Thank you, Donald Trump. And It Pains Me To Even Write His Name

The clear race baiting, the buffoonery of a reprehensible clown - I'm waiting for someone to rush up and mess up that cotton candy comb-over - has achieved one positive thing: he has single-handedly galvanized President Obama's base. There is no turning back. The only way to defeat this ugliness is to work for a gigantic landslide victory for Obama's second term. I've always believed he would be a two-term President, and for anyone who knows me, knows the limitations of my admiration of his policies - but, that said, this is not a policy issue. This is way bigger than that. This is about our humanity, the core of what separates us from...who? aliens? animals? Do animals discriminate on the basis of race? Fur? Leave it to the supposedly highest form of life, humans, to want to destroy one another for some incomprehensible ideal.

We cannot abide the open racism of the right, its fearless expression protected by politicians who validate that racism by not out-rightly repudiating it because they need those Taliban Tea Party votes, after-all, to support their whacked out agendas. 

What Trump has managed to achieve, that I'm not sure even David Axelrod and Jim Messina could do, is to have shocked the base to the point of re-energizing them to work hard for Obama's re-election. And that's no small feat given the discontent over a multitude of issues. Trump has trumped the inertia, the disappointment, the discontent with Obama's performance. There is only one issue we can agree on now and that's WINNING! (Thanks Charlie!)

The more the Right sustains its ill-disguised racism, the more the base will coalesce. It's a horrible reason to come together but come together we will. Winning will be the best revenge.


edibleodyssey said...

You are right on. Trump is no different than the GOPer in Orange County who put Obama's face on a chimp and said it was done in good humor and had no racist tones. Thanks for a wonderful post.

John Maher said...

Just a dern second here...we're talking about the Democrats, the noted political party able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, a group who has never seen a foot they couldn't shoot. Example #1: The Democratic legislature in Mass. that's trying to take collective bargining away from public service unions. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you.

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