Monday, September 9, 2013

Obama & Kerry, Lighting the Powderkeg, Pushing U.S. Into Prideful Mid-East War

Of all the Seven Deadly Sins, it is said that Pride is the Mother of them all:
In almost every list, pride (Latin, superbia), or hubris (Greek), is considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins, and the source of the others. SOURCE

Can you think of any more prideful reasons for 'surgically bombing' Syria than those spewed forth from John Kerry and Barack Obama than:
* invoking the hideous videos of gassed civilians? Where were videos of Iraq war vets' coffins coming home? Didn't they hide them so they could keep the war machine chugging? Now they're using videos of agonizing deaths of innocent civilians as though they are more horrible than our dead soldiers who took bullets and all nature of other gruesome killing devices.
* The strike would be 'proportional' - what the hell does that mean? Proportional to what? Their misguided Pride and bloated Egos? They should both wear a scarlet "W" on their foreheads.
* The now oft repeated 'international norms' - which bloody 'international norms'? The ones they keep changing to fit their needs? 
* The fact that chemical weapons were used on children. Children! Forget about the adults. Repeating, ad nauseum, that children died. Using children and women to try and tug at our heart strings. 'Men' just muddy the waters when it comes to making their argument.

The Powder-Keg Twins plus John McCain continually talk about how NOT going to war is undermining the credibility of the United States. What credibility? What are they smoking?
Here's just one link to test that credibility:
10 Chemical Weapons Attacks Washington Doesn't Want You to Talk About

I'm sick of hearing how different this will be than the Iraq war. (Again, going on record as having marched against that war too.) To me, this 'strike', as they call it and insist it's not war, has the possibility of being even more incendiary than Iraq, worse that Afghanistan. This could be the match that lights the powder-keg in the mid-east. 

Why? Because of Pride. Boys playing in the sandbox Pride. Seventh grade Pride. Dick Pride. We've heard it all before. This is a conflagration waiting to happen. Yes, the UN is completely useless. That said, all diplomatic efforts have not been exhausted through U.S. channels apparently. Pressure for diplomatic talks needs to be applied like a tourniquet on these Prideful Politicians. And pressure to give more aid to the refugees. That is where the U.S. can restore some credibility. Help the people who are alive.

Krulak’s law is simple: Soldiers in the field interacting with local people are the most important element of nation building and counter insurgency. SOURCE

Obama and Kerry and the war machine can save face - which is like a little gift to prideful people who make egregious, impulsive mistakes - when the House votes against it. The War Twins can rail and thrash about how terrible it is that Congress voted not to give them war powers but then they can pretend to meekly turnaround and abandon their foolishness. If only Obama and Kerry meant it when they talk about representing the will of 'the American people' instead of saying that 'the American people' just don't understand and have to be told what to think. How much more paternalistic can you get?

Stop the world. I want to get off. 

Saved by Russia? Did Russia intentionally wait til the last moment to act as savior to the United States? If so, warmongers will say this proves that saber rattling works. Sigh.

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