Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Make No Mistake. This Is A Coup. John Boehner, Manchurian Candidate.

Helloooo People. Wake up! Something you never imagined could happen in these Un-United States of America, IS HAPPENING. We are in the midst of a COUP by the Taliban Tea Party. No, I am not kidding, this is serious. The crazy minority of Tea Partiers, headed by Ted Cruz, have seized (mind) control of John Boehner, Manchurian Candidate. Instead of the Queen of Diamonds, they show him a picture of Barack Obama and he does anything they ask. For real.

Do you understand? Do you?

Make no mistake...this is a real coup. All the PACS and well-meaning organizations have nothing on these guys. Do you think Ted Cruz is cowed by this? A sad little plea about destroying "The Dream"? Are you serious? Ted Cruz, et al are laughing at this trite, cute petition to call the GOP and tell them to stop spoiling things. "Awww, ok, we'll stop if you call us." Puh-lease. Cruz, like the maniac that he is, is winning. While we're asleep at the wheel.

These are but flies on an elephant, the elephant being Ted Cruz:  
* MSNBC host asks GOPer: “Do you hate Obamacare more than you love your country?”  
* Pat Robertson to GOP: Give up!"The Republicans have got to wave the white flag" 
* New House Republican plan has staff back under the bus

Hahahahahaha. This one really gets me...as though he/they would listen:  
SIGN HERE to demand Ted Cruz and Tea Party Congressmen denounce these heinous acts: http://www.dccc.org/fb-TeaPartyRally

Give me a break, all of these petitions appealing to reason are pathetic...Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo, MSNBC, NARAL, Democrats, Move On and on...love this one:
Left Action 
Don't just get angry at House Republicans -- get even. Send a message, tell them we're taking back the House, and help EMILY's List make it happen: http://leftaction.com/action/tell-house-republicans-were-taking-back-house
As if.

I hope President Obama has a Plan B because these people must be stopped. This is not about diversity of opinions. This is not about free speech. This is not about democracy in action. This is clearly a government takeover and Ted Cruz should be thrown in jail for sedition. I've been saying this for months and now Rachel Maddow is saying it, so maybe someone will listen.

If any petition needs to be circulated, it should be to arrest Ted Cruz for sedition. Done...sign here:

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